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Telfer’s vision for a Better Canada includes innovative and sustainable economic growth. To meet the needs of Canadians, leaders and decision-makers need to value diverse ideas and inclusive entrepreneurship. We can lead by example and capitalize on our rich potential, including the next generation of entrepreneurial families. We are contributing to a wealthier and more prosperous Canada by building strong partnerships, supporting impactful research, and providing exceptional learning opportunities.

New Insights

Family Enterprise Legacy Institute

Over the next few years, nearly 60% of family enterprises will be changing hands, with two thirds handing the reins to the next generation. But with limited support available, is the next generation ready?

The Family Enterprise Legacy Institute (FELI) is here to help. Led by Telfer professor Peter Jaskiewicz, FELI is a group of researchers and practitioners working with national and international partners to empower and train members of the next generation to become responsible owners, trusted family members and stewards of wealth.

Many successful family enterprises struggle with succession; FELI’s goal is to develop and share knowledge that will elevate the next generation and activate their true potential to ensure the success of family business in Canada and worldwide.

Gender-Smart Entrepreneurship Education & Training Plus (GEET+)

The foundation of a business school is the knowledge it provides through its programs and courses. At Telfer, not only are we integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) into our own programs, but we’re also working to integrate EDI into everyone else’s.

Enter the Gender-Smart Entrepreneurship Education & Training Plus (GEET+), an evidence-based scorecard developed by Telfer professors Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott. Created in collaboration with contributors from over 91 countries, the scorecard provides a framework with which to assess entrepreneurship training programs. GEET+ is based on seven components, centered around the organization’s commitment to EDI. Once completed, it allows organizations to identify biases and stereotypes so that they can work to improve their program content and delivery, contributing to the engagement of diverse learners, stronger EDI measures, and a more inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Madeline Toubiana

Diverse perspectives on entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is often considered synonymous with business, but its definition is broader than you might think. Telfer professor Madeline Toubiana’s research explores the wide variety of reasons that motivate people to become entrepreneurs, and which barriers exist on their path.

Professor Toubiana has studied unconventional yet fascinating aspects of entrepreneurship, such as businesses launched out of shame or necessity, and has examined entrepreneurship in unlikely contexts such as voyeuristic business models. Her work draws attention to the diversity of entrepreneurs, including members of stigmatized communities, who face significant barriers to thriving and prospering in their own lives. This research contributes valuable insight toward a truly inclusive economy.

Book cover

Enabling Next Generation Legacies – an essential resource

Over his decades of research, Telfer professor and FELI Director Peter Jaskiewicz learned that members of the Next Generation have been neglected both in academic study and in practice. This realization and the potential impacts on our economy motivated him to dig deeper into the concerns and questions of NextGen, leading to the writing of his book Enabling Next Generation Legacies.

Co-written with Sabine Rau, Telfer Visiting Professor and FELI collaborator, and supported by Family Business Network (FBN), Family Enterprise Canada (FEC), Family Enterprise Foundation (FEF), and Family Firms Institute (FFI), the book represents a unique model for co-creation and knowledge dissemination. The questions and answers it contains were chosen by and for members of the next generation of over 100 enterprising families globally. Published in late 2021 to great acclaim, it continues to be considered an influential and deeply useful resource in the field of family business.

Impactful Collaborations

Wes Hall and Dean Brutus with Students

Wes Hall Admission Scholarship for Black or Indigenous students

Telfer is committed to making a difference. One of the many ways we support student success is by building high-quality partnerships and networks.

Thanks to our collaboration with Wes Hall, founder of WeShall Investments and BlackNorth Initiative, we are pleased to offer the Wes Hall Admission Scholarship for Black and Indigenous Students. This generous scholarship is available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce at the Telfer School of Management who have an interest in pursuing a career in finance. The scholarship provides not only financial support, but also invaluable mentorship from its namesake, which contributes to supporting underrepresented communities to ensure their success in both academia and business.


Successful family enterprises

Through FELI, Telfer has built a reputation as a leader in research and education on family enterprise. Together we have forged strong partnerships with Family Enterprise Canada (FEC) and Family Business Network (FBN), which have allowed us to leverage knowledge and resources to better support and grow the family business ecosystem in Canada and globally.

These collaborations have led to FELI becoming the preferred partner for the education of NextGen members of Family Enterprise Canada. FELI members are also actively involved with the Family Business Network, collaborating globally to create and share thought leadership directly with business families through workshops, webinars, and international summits.

The Telfer Experience

Telfer student standing in front of Desmarais

Our programs

Telfer helps students contribute to building a wealthier, more prosperous Canada in each of our programs. Our experiential learning opportunities allow students to solve real business challenges for local organizations through capstone projects, case competitions, work placements, residencies, and more. We empower future leaders to achieve their goals, whether they aim to contribute to socio-economic growth, improve Canada's GDP, become a next-generation leader within a family enterprise, or pursue entrepreneurship.

Student shaking hand with professor

Student clubs and competitions

Telfer students are ambitious and engaged, so we make sure to provide opportunities to get involved in numerous student clubs and participate in case competitions:

Telfer Knowledge Hub

Find out how Telfer is building a wealthier Canada: 

Managing family relationships outside the business – Excerpt from Enabling Next Generation Legacies

Managing family relationships outside the business – Excerpt from Enabling Next Generation Legacies

ArriveCan: a Case of Poor Project Management

ArriveCan: a Case of Poor Project Management

Patricia Saputo Channels a Passion for Enterprising Families Into Support for a New Endowed Chair

Patricia Saputo Channels a Passion for Enterprising Families Into Support for a New Endowed Chair

Family Enterprise Legacy Institute Receives $5 Million Donation from Patricia Saputo

Family Enterprise Legacy Institute Receives $5 Million Donation from Patricia Saputo

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