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Grow your career at Telfer. Our portfolio of programs lets you fulfil your purpose and career goals while making a difference as a next-generation business leader. Each program provides hands-on learning experiences to develop your strategic thinking, business skillset, and professional network. Participate in experiential learning opportunities, including internships, co-op placements, case competitions, capstone courses, and study abroad programs. Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to solve real-world problems and gain valuable work experience.

Whether you hope to kickstart your business career, improve Canadian healthcare systems, continue your family enterprise legacy, launch your own business, put sustainability at the centre of business decision-making or improve employee well-being, our programs can guide you on your path. Experience business learning focused on bettering individuals, communities, and societies both in Canada and around the globe. Discover how you can reach your career goals while contributing to a better Canada and a better world.



BCom  Bachelor of Commerce

The Telfer Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) prepares you for the job market through a comprehensive business education paired with experiential learning in CO-OP or internships, case competitions, capstone courses, and international exchanges. Customize your degree by studying one or more business fields or add an out-of-faculty minor while studying in French, English or both. 


BCom + MSc MGT  Bachelor of Commerce + Master of Science in Management (with Research Project)

Earn a bachelor’s and a master’s in five years with the Bachelor of Commerce + Master of Science in Management dual-fast track degree and stand out in the job market. Complete a research project focused on one concentration. Use advanced problem-solving skills to make an impact and inform practices in an organization facing similar challenges.

Undergraduate Certificates

Undergraduate Certificates 

Choose a Telfer undergraduate certificate in management or in human resource management to further specialize in your business education. Designed for those in the private or public sector with two or more years of work experience, certificates offer advanced knowledge and skills for your career while you continue to work.

Microprogram Capital Markets

Microprogram Capital Markets 

The Microprogram Capital Markets gives you academic credit and hands-on training in high finance. Build your knowledge and skills through mentorship, networking, financial hubs visits, fund management, progressively responsible experience, internship opportunities, and financial research databases such as Bloomberg terminals.

Microprogram in Entrepreneurship

Microprogram in Entrepreneurship 

The Microprogram in Entrepreneurship gives you the skills and knowledge to succeed as an entrepreneur. Build a strong foundation in entrepreneurship and gain practical experience through live cases, innovation labs, practicums, and opportunities to work in a new venture.



MBA  Master of Business Administration

Designed for business leaders with three-plus years of experience, the Telfer Master of Business Administration (MBA) prepares you to be a responsible manager through team projects, real management challenges, case competitions, local consulting projects, paid internships, network building, and personalized career development. 


MHA  Master of Health Administration

Become a leader in healthcare management with the Telfer Master of Health Administration (MHA) for healthcare professionals with three plus years of experience in healthcare. Complete a 16-week administrative residency and work with leading healthcare executives. Participate in stimulating projects, take part in decision-making and make connections.


MSc MGT  Master of Science in Management

The Telfer Master of Science in Management (MSc MGT) gives you the knowledge and skills to examine relevant management challenges from different perspectives to lead you toward a career in health management. Complete a research project or thesis in a specific business area to sharpen your management knowledge, uncover findings, and devise solutions to address key healthcare administration issues.


MSc HS  Master of Science in Health Systems

The two-year Telfer Master of Science in Health Systems (MSc HS) enables you to further improve health systems design and implementation, better meet patient needs, and effectively equip healthcare providers. Understand health policy, informatics, epidemiology, and economics through coursework, research, and an optional internship to prepare for a career in health systems.


PhD  Doctorate in Management

The Doctorate in Management (PhD) at Telfer offers exceptional research training, connects you to decision-makers and leaders, and prepares you for a career in teaching and applied research. Find transformational solutions to cutting-edge questions and improve strategy in private, public, and non-profit organizations.



EMBA  Executive Master of Business Administration

For mid-to-senior level professionals, the Telfer Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) provides a strong cross-functional management foundation to prepare you for strategic decision-making in a senior leadership role. Apply theory to practice while you work and gain hands-on experience in national and international markets through six major consulting projects.


EMHA  Executive Master of Health Administration

Designed for business professionals with five-plus years of experience, the Telfer online Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA) will shape you into an effective healthcare management executive with Canadian and global perspectives. Tackle a real-world project and gain knowledge of data, technology, innovation, leadership, and policy to meet the sector’s ever-changing needs.

Executive Programs

Executive Programs 

Telfer Executive Programs provides a variety of leadership development programs to enhance your skills as an executive leader. Draw on insights and real-world experience from senior industry experts, partner institutions, and certified coaches. Build leadership capabilities and competencies, strengthen self-awareness to support sustainable and effective change, grow your professional network, and enhance your career.

Graduate Diplomas


CPA  Graduate Diploma in Chartered Professional Accountancy

Reach your CPA designation faster with the Graduate Diploma in Chartered Professional Accountancy. Designed for Telfer BCom Accounting graduates, this four-month program provides CPA-accredited preparation through hands-on case work to help you succeed on your Common Final Examination (CFE).


CPL  Graduate Diploma in Complex Project Leadership

The Graduate Diploma in Complex Project Leadership (CPL) is for working managers handling complex projects critical to organizations and people. Up your leadership and project management skills in as little as 11 months. Focus on strategic risk management, business planning, problem-solving, project implementation, financial decision-making, and more.


Discover our joint faculty programs in digital transformation and innovation, engineering management, population health, law, and systems science and engineering. Earn a well-rounded degree by combining key learning from two or more disciplines to propel you in your career goals and interests.

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