Doctoral Studies
in Management

Research excellence is a key strategy at the Telfer School of Management. Our doctoral program is designed to train our students to become visionary, influential thinkers who will make a positive difference in the lives of people, organizations and communities. We are always on hand to help our students reach their goals, whatever they might be. 

Why the Telfer PhD in Management?

  • We are located in downtown of a G7 capital city, where national and international leaders from the private and public sectors converge to tackle issues of national and global significance.
  • We are a triple-accredited school with internationally recognized and experienced faculty.
  • We offer a stimulating class environment that benefits from the team-teaching approach and multidisciplinary research expertise of our faculty with special interests in Accounting and Control, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Health Systems, and Organization Behavior and Human Resources.
  • We offer financial support to qualified applicants for each of the 4 years of the program duration, in amounts that can reach up to $36,000 per year.

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Fields of specialization

The thesis-based Telfer Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management program is designed to enable you to push the frontier of management knowledge. Discover the revolutionary power of asking cutting-edge questions related to best practice in private or public sector management, both within organizations and society, and then conducting research to seek empirically-supported transformational answers.

What matters is the perfect fit. We have developed six fields of study around our research excellence.

Program structure

The program is structured to be completed in 4 years as follows:

PhD Program Structure
Year 1&2 Year 3 Year 4
Courses (27 Units)
Comprehensive Examination
Thesis Proposal Thesis Work
Thesis Defense
Thesis Work
Research Involvement