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Research at Telfer

Excelling in their respective fields and pushing the frontiers of impactful research, our faculty are helping the Telfer School of Management to become a top research-intensive business school. Our innovative thinkers shape the conversation about how business evolves while leveraging the strong connections the Telfer School has with the public and private sectors. We are also committed to sharing our engaging research ideas with our vibrant community.

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Areas of Strategic Impact

Globalization, Governance, and Sustainability

getting healthier

This research group will advance the kind of knowledge that businesses need to overcome these challenges, so that they may contribute to economic shifts toward global sustainability and mitigate the disruptions that may arise from such transformations. Read More

Health Systems Innovation and Management

getting happier

Through an innovative systems-based approach to management and strong collaborations with hospitals, clinics, and community-based organizations, this research group will generate the knowledge needed to overcome these challenges, enhance the efficiency of the health system, and improve care for all Canadians. Read More

Thriving Organizations and Societies

getting wealthier

This research group will delve into the conditions that encourage thriving and the factors that prevent our workforce and organizations from doing so. Read More

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategic Management

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategic Management

This group of interdisciplinary scholars will examine how novel ideas are conceived, developed into new products, services, and programs, how they are strategically managed, and finally if and how this trajectory can be sustained and rejuvenated for generations to come. Read More

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