Tri-Agency Competition Announcements

Through cutting-edge research and bold ideas, the research community at the Telfer School of Management continue to address challenges faced by organizational leaders, government officials, professionals in various sectors and the community. For several years, the quality and impact of this research have been recognized by the federal funding agencies. 

Read more about the new, award-winning research projects that will contribute to building knowledge for a better Canada. 

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

2023 SSHRC Insight Grants

Grant recipients of the 2023 SSHRC Insight Program competition:

2019 SSHRC Insight Grants

Grant recipients of the 2019 SSHRC Insight Program competition:

Professor Chreim

Samia Chreim (PI)

Inter-organizational Communities of Practice

Professor Himick

Darlene Himick (PI)

The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement: Understanding How the Energy of Campaigns Is Changing the Financing of Energy

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Yuri Khoroshilov (PI) and Anna Dodonova

Toeholds and Information Precision in Common Value Takeover Auctions: Theory and Experiment

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Miwako Nitani (PI)

Drawing upon the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: SMEs, Capital Suppliers, and Public Policy

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François-Éric Racicot (PI)

Macroeconomic Risk of Hedge Funds

2018 SSHRC Insight Grants

Grant recipients of the 2018 SSHRC Insight Program competition:

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Sylvain Durocher (PI)

A stakeholder perspective on comprehensive income accounting information

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Shantanu Dutta (PI)

Board independence and corporate private in-house meetings

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Peter Jaskiewicz (PI) and Sandra Schillo

A family-based theory of the family firm

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Laurent Lapierre (PI), Ivy Bourgeault, Jane O’Reilly, Magda Donia, and Silvia Bonaccio

How can managers support and ensure the positive consequences of employees’ disclosure of a mental health challenge?

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Muriel Mignerat (PI)

Vers une gestion efficace des exigences contradictoires dans les projets de technologies de l'information

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Jane O'Reilly (PI)

Inauthentic and authentic forgiveness in the workplace


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Sharon O'Sullivan (PI)

The dynamics of Indigenous developmental relationships for environmental work: Bridging micro and macro levels of analysis

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Allan Riding (PI), Barbara Orser, and Miwako Nitani

Overconfidence and financial decisions among self-employed Canadians

SSHRC Partnership Development Grants

Grant recipient of the 2023 SSHRC Partnership Development Grants competition:

Grant recipient of the 2022 SSHRC Partnership Development Grants competition:

SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants

Grant recipients of the 2022-23 SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants competition:

SSHRC Connection Grants

Grant recipient of the 2023 SSHRC Connection Grants competition:

SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grants

Grant recipient of the 2022 SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grants competition:

2022 SSHRC Insight Development Grants

Grant recipients of the 2022 Insight Development Program competition:

2019 SSHRC Insight Development Grants

Grant recipient of the 2019 Insight Development Program competition:

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Magda Donia

A Business Case for Protecting Human Rights

2018 SSHRC Insight Development Grants

Grant recipients of the 2018 Insight Development Program competition:

Porfessor Chelli

Mohamed Chelli (PI) and Walid Ben Amar

Corporate water performance, market and cost of equity capital

Professor Chen

Qiu Chen (PI), Shujun Ding, and TieMei Li

Impact investing by private foundations

Professor Marques

José Carlos Marques (PI)

Unsealing their fate: An examination of the Canadian government's fur industry defense program

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

2023 NSERC Discovery Grants

Grant recipients of the 2023 NSERC Discovery competition:

2020 NSERC Discovery Grants

Grant recipient of the 2020 NSERC Discovery competition:

2019 NSERC Discovery Grants

Grant recipients of the 2019 NSERC Discovery competition :

Porfessor Ben Amor

Sarah Ben Amor (PI)

Une approche multicritère pour décisions robustes intégrant l'apprentissage des préférences en contexte d'imperfections de l'information

Professor Kuziemsky

Craig Kuziemsky (PI)

A System Design Framework for Digital Process Innovation

Professor Ozturk

Onur Ozturk (PI)

Exact and Approximate Solution Methods for Batch Scheduling Problems

2018 NSERC Discovery Grants

Grant recipients of the 20018 NSERC Discovery competition:

Porfessor Mourad

Morad Benyoucef (PI)

Designing the next generation of social commerce platforms

Professor Wojtek

Wojtek Michalowski (PI)

Computer model of the interactions among members of an interprofessional/ interdisciplinary team

Professor Saure

Antoine Sauré (PI)

Approximate dynamic programming methods for dynamic resource allocation problems in health care

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

2020 Project Grant

Grant recipient of the 2020 Project Grant Program competition: