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Our Vision

A greener, healthier, happier, wealthier and more prosperous Canada for all.

Our Mission

Telfer unlocks knowledge in a bilingual environment for the betterment of all our communities.

What Sets Us Apart 

Telfer takes a results-oriented approach to the realization of a Better Canada. The research and data analysis we do generates the very same knowledge that we share with our students and with key constituencies in Canada and around the world. 

Telfer is driven by a passion for delivering positive societal outcomes in line with what we value: people, the planet, and profit. We measure our success in terms of how our actions align with macro, societal outcomes. We educate our students, through course work and work experience to become better decision-makers. We share knowledge with current decision-makers to inform their policy choices, as well as illuminate the potential impacts of their options.

While other business schools concentrate on building capital, at Telfer, we are devoted to building a better world.


We are:


Standard of Conduct

The Telfer School of Management’s culture and standard of conduct is based on strong shared values as described above. We aspire to draw on, among others, the principles of pride, respect, integrity and sustainability to guide our members’ actions and interactions.

The Telfer School provides a well-rounded and outstanding education along with unique opportunities for experiential learning. Through excellence in both teaching and research, professors of the Telfer School consistently strive to make significant contributions to several management disciplines, and students are able to experience an enriching bilingual learning environment. The Telfer School instils in all its members a sense of professionalism anchored in preparedness, punctuality and conscientiousness.

The Telfer School values and fosters teamwork and collegiality, seeking to attract a diverse population both nationally and internationally. In turn, these values will be reflected in the creation of a community where approachability and availability of all members is clear and evident.

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