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A New and Impactful Way to Donate

Whether you’re helping to support Telfer students, or helping the Telfer community develop a better Canada together, there are countless ways that your gift has impact.

The Telfer Nation Fund
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The Better Canada Impact Fund
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The Telfer Nation Fund

The Telfer Nation fund provides a way for you to help Telfer students continue to redefine business practice for the better. By providing flexible funding that goes towards a variety of immediate student needs, the fund helps keep the Telfer experience one of a kind.

Telfer Nation is open to all who have a passion and commitment to making a difference through business. It is a community that supports students and enables them to reach their potential with a space that allows them to take risks and grow. The Telfer Nation Fund is designed to protect these defining qualities by supporting experiential learning, student wellness, financial support, and school clubs and activities. Give today and help nurture and foster the things that make Telfer a special place for everyone.

Find out more about how your support is creating access and opportunities for the next generation of Telfer students:

The Growcer Impact: Telfer Students Develop Solution for Food Insecurity

The Growcer Inc. is an Ottawa-based social enterprise that creates hydroponic growing systems, co-founded by two Telfer BCom Students.

The MBA Impact: From Working in the System to Working on the System

Telfer MBA alumna gets propelled into the administrative world of healthcare at the Montfort Hospital.

Impact Stories

Making a difference

Telfer Students Making a Difference

Learn more about CASCO, a Telfer student non-profit organization that continues to make positive impact on the Ottawa community. Read more

Legacy Conference

The Ten Year Anniversary of the Legacy Conference: Unlike the Past Nine Years

The largest student run conference in the country is going virtual. Read more

Mentorship program

Learning from the Best: the Executive Mentorship Program

Telfer students continue to share their stories, insights and ideas with key leaders in the Canadian business community Read more

Rising Star: Alida Burke

Rising Star: Alida Burke

Find out how Alida Burke is using the knowledge and experience she gained with Telfer to improve food security across northern Canada. Read more

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The Better Canada Impact Fund

We believe that a better Canada means a better world, and we know that better business practices also help us create a better Canada. It’s why we’re empowering our researchers to use their unique expertise. They are acquiring knowledge and developing new insights to inform the smart and strategic investments required to build better business practices.

The Better Canada Impact Fund injects resources into the school’s efforts to redefine what management researchers can continue to accomplish by leveraging business and market understandings to develop a greener, healthier, happier, and wealthier country. Donations will be used to support the research by attracting and maintaining talent, acquiring lab space and equipment, and supporting innovative research methods.

Find out more about how investing in research is leading to new insights and business practices for better business and a Better Canada:


The global climate challenge is real. Business needs to lead the way to a more sustainable future for everyone. To build a solid foundation for our future, we need to completely rethink and reorient the way our economy does business.


We need to rethink our approach to healthcare from a system perspective, so that we have a better guarantee that the resources Canada puts into healthcare are doing as much as they can do for as many people as possible.


Happy people are more productive, have better health outcomes, and are more likely to contribute to their communities. We need our workplaces and economy to enhance happiness, not impede it.


We need money to get activated. We need it to work harder and generate more businesses, more leaders, and more innovations. We need it to work for Canada.

Impactful Research

Rising Star: Alida Burke

Greener Leadership Builds Greener Cities

We interviewed Professor Mazutis to find out how leadership plays a driving force in sustainable urban transformation in the construction and development sector. Her collaboration with the Zibi Development project shows that positive changes are possible, even in the most traditional industrial sectors. Read More

Rising Star: Alida Burke

Making Smarter Healthcare Choices with Analytics

A team of Telfer researchers has come up with an analytics tool to help healthcare organizations use personal protective equipment and other surgical resources more efficiently as they resume elective surgeries during the pandemic.  Read More

Rising Star: Alida Burke

How your professional network helps you find meaning at work

One of the most overlooked aspects of employee satisfaction is meaningful connection with coworkers, which provides support and combats feelings of isolation. Read More

Rising Star: Alida Burke

Uncovering Critical Insights for Women Entrepreneurship Policies

Professor Barbara Orser and her co-authors reviewed policies and practices designed to increase women entrepreneurs’ access to capital around the world. The study is part of the Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Policy Research Group, a collaborative international network of researchers who are examining women’s enterprise policies and programs. Read More

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Donors are eligible for an income tax receipt for any donations over $20. Other donation options can include securities listed on the stock exchange, life insurance with uOttawa as the beneficiary or employer matching programs. Check if your employer matches gifts.

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Marianne Soucy
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