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At Telfer, a Better Canada is our life's work. For 50 years, we've diligently developed the knowledge and applications needed to tackle Canada's most challenging questions.

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Clearwater Seafood Inc. Receives Valuation at the Winter 2021 Finance Capstone

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Telfer Forum - Learning Health Systems: Facilitating Health Care Innovation and Integration
Family Businesses: When Gender Bias Influences Entrepreneurial Support for the Children
Improving wildfire emergency evacuation responses by modelling best outcomes
Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility:  How Well-Connected and Diverse Boards Can Help Companies Tackle the World’s Biggest Challen



There are several ways to get involved as an employer, including job postings, workshops, networking events, internship programs, mentorship programs and more.

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International Exchange Programs

Students can study abroad for one or two terms at one of 60 elite post-secondary institutions in 27 countries.

Our Global Alumni Network

We provide our global network of over 25,000 alumni with opportunities to connect at a variety of networking receptions around the globe.

Academic Programs with a Global Mindset

We develop a global mindset in students and faculty with programs that reflects an international focus.

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Life at Telfer

🎓Félicitations aux étudiants finissants de la Faculté des arts qui se joignent à la grande famille des diplômés de uottawa !

La collation des grades approche à grands pas, c’est l’occasion pour vous de célébrer votre triomphe en compagnie de vos proches et de la communauté universitaire !

Cette année, la cérémonie sera diffusée en direct sur Youtube et aura lieu le 16 juin, à 11h30 HAE⏰

Immortalisez ce moment unique en partageant vos photos souvenirs sur Instagram ou Twitter en utilisant les hashtags #uOGrad et #GGnation !

Pour plus d’informations, le lien sera disponible dans notre bio !

🎓Congratulations to the Faculty of Arts graduating students who are joining the extended uottawa alumni family !

Convocation is fast approaching and this is your chance to celebrate with those who have helped you reach your goals- family, friends and members of the #uOttawa community.

This year, the ceremony will be live-streamed on Youtube and will take place on June 16th, at 11:30 am EDT⏰

Immortalize this once-in-a-lifetime moment by sharing your photos on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #uOGrad and #GGnation!

For more information, the link will be available in our bio!

image posted to Instagram

A new Telfer study shows that traditional family businesses often treat their children differently based on gender when it comes to succession. 👩‍💼

Emma O'Dwyer, regional manager at Family Enterprise Canada, said she has experienced #GenderBias first hand in her own family and was given no support when obtaining her two #MBA degrees and when building her own professional network. 👥 🏢

Meanwhile, President and CEO of The Sirius Group Inc, Susan St. Amand, TEP, FEA, ICD.D, was supported by her family in her business endeavours, but still wasn’t chosen to take over the #FamilyBusiness. 🏢

Hear what advice both of these successful professionals have for families who wish to challenge gender bias in succession planning:

image posted to LinkedIn

so I did actually end up paying for grad photos 🎓 but at least now they're useful for #VirtualYearbook at #TelferNation 🎉

image posted to Instagram

telfer_uottawa said to post this for the #VirtualYearbook 🎓❤️

✔️ B.Com. gestion internationale #TelferNation #uOttawa

image posted to Instagram

Hey, #TelferNation 2021 graduates! 🎓⁣

After years of hard work the time has finally come...your #Convocation ceremony is ONE WEEK away! You can attend your virtual ceremony on June 16th at 3:30 p.m. 👏🏽⁣

Cherish this exciting moment by helping us create your #VirtualYearbook. Have your memories featured by posting your photos on Instagram or Twitter and using the hashtag #TelferNation. 🥳⁣

Check out the memories and milestones shared so far! #LinkInBio 🔗⁣


Hé les diplômé.e.s #TelferNation de la promotion 2021! 🎓⁣

Après des années de travail acharné, le moment est enfin venu… votre #CollationDesGrades aura lieu dans UNE SEMAINE! Vous pouvez assister à la célébration virtuelle, le 16 juin à 15 h 30. 👏🏽⁣

Chérissez ce moment excitant en nous aidant à créer votre album de finissants virtuel. Pour y voir vos souvenirs, publiez vos photos sur Instagram ou Twitter en utilisant le mot-clic #TelferNation. 🥳⁣

Jetez un coup d’œil aux souvenirs et aux événements marquants partagés jusqu’à maintenant dans notre #LienEnBio 🔗

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Did I mention I got into the University of Ottawa?
#geegees #uottawa

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No better place to reflect than by the Rideau Canal. Probably why uOttawa built the STEM complex here #reflectionphotography #ottawa #rideaucanal #uottawa #goforawalk

image posted to Instagram

Stay cool everyone!
C’est l’été sur notre campus !

#uOttawa #Campus #☀️ #BlueSky #FSS #Ottawa #Architecture

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Looking for ways to get involved in #StartupLife?👨‍💻

Fourth-year #TelferNation student, Adam Czach, has been immersed in #Entrepreneurship activities since the beginning of his undergraduate degree.

From working at an AI-focused startup to launching his own e-commerce platform, Adam has great advice for those looking to gain start-up experience at @uOttawa. ☑️

Find out what his top entrepreneurship resources are in our #LinkInBio


Vous cherchez à vous impliquer dans le démarrage d’entreprise? #Startup 👨‍💻

Adam Czach, étudiant de quatrième année de la #TelferNation, s’est plongé dans les activités d’#entrepreneuriat dès le début de sa carrière universitaire.

Après avoir travaillé dans une entreprise axée sur l’#IA et lancé sa propre plateforme de commerce électronique, Adam a d’excellents conseils pour ceux qui cherchent à acquérir une expérience dans une entreprise en démarrage à l’@uOttawa. ☑️

Découvrez son top des meilleures ressources entrepreneuriales dans notre #LienEnBio

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