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At Telfer, a Better Canada is our life's work. For 50 years, we've diligently developed the knowledge and applications needed to tackle Canada's most challenging questions.

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Clearwater Seafood Inc. Receives Valuation at the Winter 2021 Finance Capstone

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Open access: Removing the barriers to information sharing
Ensuring food security during extreme weather events by building supply chain resilience
PhD Spotlight — Alexander Chung
Telfer Emerging Researcher Award 2021 — Antoine Sauré



There are several ways to get involved as an employer, including job postings, workshops, networking events, internship programs, mentorship programs and more.

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International Exchange Programs

Students can study abroad for one or two terms at one of 60 elite post-secondary institutions in 27 countries.

Our Global Alumni Network

We provide our global network of over 25,000 alumni with opportunities to connect at a variety of networking receptions around the globe.

Academic Programs with a Global Mindset

We develop a global mindset in students and faculty with programs that reflects an international focus.

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Life at Telfer

Happy pride month, everyone ! 🏳️‍🌈#loveislove #pridemonth #pride #uottawa #gogeegeesgo

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Officially a graduate! 🎓

This was definitely not the graduation that I had imagined since first year but after 5 long years, I have officially completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at uOttawa.

These last 5 years have been far from easy, from moving provinces away from my family, to working full time while finishing my semesters with full time classes. I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends.

Excited to see where the next chapter takes me! 🎉👩🏼‍🎓

Big shout out to mklaiphotography for taking these awesome grad photos!

#uottawagrad #telfernation

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Welcome to the new UOttawa Student Life page ! #gogeegeesgo #uottawa ❤️🐴❤️

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RT @Telfer_UdO Bienvenue à @tiffanyremery, nouvelle gestionnaire de la mobilisation des partenaires cadres de la #TelferNation!

Forte de son expérience en enseignement supérieur, elle mettra les diplômé.e.s de Telfer en contact avec des opportunités significatives et mutuellement bénéfiques.

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I started working at McDonald's at 16. I worked there part time in highschool and first year university and fulltime in the summers. I saved enough to pay for the first two years of university. then I worked at hunt club and took the bus from university 45 min each way. then I worked at an office. I got OSAP grants and applied for scholarships and got them. TODAY I am graduating with no debt, no loans, and I paid for my entire university education MYSELF 🎓💵
cue the drama in pic 2 and the bloopers in the last pic. grateful for these 2 and so many others for being there to support me 🙌

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RT @TelferResearch Voici les neuf de l'@uOttawa qui ont chacun reçu une nouvelle subvention du @CRSH_SSHRC ou @CRSNG_NSERC. Ils proposeront des idées audacieuses pour un #meilleurCanada.👏

Découvrez comment @Telfer_UdO se démarque par la recherche 🔗

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What happens when a graduated cylinder...graduates again?🎓🤔
Swipe to see 2019➡️2021
#uograd #classof2021 #meng #chemicalengineering #wemadeit #convocation2021 #covidgraduation #uottawa #zoomuniversity

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✅ Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) (Co-op) Magna Cum Laude⁣

I started my undergrad as a shy and reserved student. I remember being incredibly nervous at my first discussion group and even more nervous at my first networking event. Today, I am more confident and outgoing than that first year student could have ever imagined. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to pursue higher education in a field of interest. Thank you Mom and Dad ❤️⁣⁣ and thank you to all of the lovely people I had the pleasure of meeting over the past four and a half years.

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The global climate challenge is real. Business needs to lead the way to a more sustainable future for everyone. To build a solid foundation for our future, we need to completely rethink and reorient the way our economy does business. Learn More



We need to rethink our approach to healthcare from a system perspective, so that we have a better guarantee that the resources Canada puts into healthcare are doing as much as they can do for as many people as possible. Learn More



Happy people are more productive, have better health outcomes, and are more likely to contribute to their communities. We need our workplaces and economy to enhance happiness, not impede it. Learn More



We need money to get activated. We need it to work harder and generate more businesses, more leaders, and more innovations. We need it to work for Canada. Learn More


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