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PhD Spotlights

Congratulations Telfer Research Programs Graduates!

Please join us in congratulating the following Telfer Nation MSc and PhD students who successfully completed their respective programs this term. This is a huge milestone in their life journey and all of Telfer is celebrating their success and wish them luck in their future endeavours.

Telfer Graduate Students - Fall 2022
Student Name Program Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Final Submission Date
Perla Habchi

Master of Science


Public Sector Audits: The Role of the Canadian Federal Government in the National Innovation System

Catherine Elliott

Darlene Himick

Afshin Kamyabniya PhD

Integrated and Coordinated Relief Logistics Planning Under Uncertainty for Relief Logistics Operations

Jonathan Patrick

Antoine Sauré

Dmitri Bakker

Master of Science


Tracing the symbolic contours of a lifestyle product category using #hashtags Michael Mulvey 2022.10.13
Volkan Arslan

Master of Science


How does managerial ability affect cost of
equity capital?

Shantanu Dutta

Harshit Rajaiya

Rachel Thelen

Master of Science

Health Systems

Assertive Community Treatment Team Members’ Mental Models of Primary Care Agnieszka Grudniewicz 2022.11.08
Patrick Tomas

Master of Science


How do people differ in prioritizing personal values when discussing autonomous vehicles?

Leila Hamzaoui

Michael Mulvey

Alex Chung PhD Designing Information Systems to Support Habit Formation: From Theories to Design Principles

Pavel Andreev

Lysanne Lessard

Julia Dobrowolski

Master of Science

Health Systems

Occupational Stressors and Coping Mechanisms among Obstetrical Nursing Staff throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sanni Yaya

Samia Chreim

Yanhong Li PhD Exuding Moral Character or Rocking the Boat? Observers’ Reactions towards Displays of Workplace Moral Courage Laurent Lapierre 2022.11.22

Telfer Graduate Students
Student Name Program Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Final Submission Date
Raphaël Ménard-Grenier

Master of Science

Health Systems

A Double-loop Patient-Oriented Learning Cycle for Therapy Decision-Making.

Lysanne Lessard

Antoine Sauré

April 29, 2022
Inna Fatoumata Kandé

Master of Science

Health Systems

Health System Impacts of Skin-Lightening Practices: A Scoping Review of Sub-Saharan Africa and Case Study of Senegalese Women. Ivy Bourgeault May 10, 2022
Nicolas Legendre PhD Essays on SME Growth and Financing.

Miwako Nitani

François-Éric Racicot

May 16, 2022
Sandra Blais-Amyot

Master of Science

Health Systems

Addressing Delays and Earliness in Home Health Care Routing and Scheduling Problems. Onur Ozturk May 19, 2022
Hong Qiu PhD Understanding Tension and Conflict Management through Theoretical Triangulation.

Mark Freel

Samia Chreim

May 24, 2022
Sandra Boadu

Master of Science


Corporate Social Responsibility, Absorptive Capacity, and Collaborative Innovation: International Evidence. Samir Saadi June 10, 2022
Danielle Rachel Cruise

Master of Science

Health Systems

Managers and Technology Adoption in Long-Term 
Care Homes: An Exploratory Study of Key Factors Affecting Health Information Technology Decision-Making.
Mirou Jaana June 23, 2022
Roderick Macleod

Master of Science


Social Support Buffering During a Traumatic Extraorganizational Stressor: The Relationship Between Supervisor Support, COVID-19 Related Fear, and Mental Health. Jennifer Dimoff June 23, 2022
Javid Zare

Master of Science


Exploring the Nature of Benefits and Costs of Open Innovation for Universities by Using a Stochastic Multi-Criteria Clustering Approach: the Case of University-Industry Research Collaboration. Sarah Ben Amor July 8, 2022
Mohcene Abdessemed

Master of Science

Health Systems

The Effects of Social Media Use Reduction on Emotional Distress in Transitional-Aged

Gary Scott Goldfield

Jonathan Patrick

August 24, 2022

Telfer Graduate Research Programs Student Association (TGRPSA)

Telfer Graduate Research Students, did you know that you have a student association? This committee represents the student body and works to enhance your experience as a Telfer research student.
Do you want to get involved or have more questions? Click here for more information !

In the News

Congratulations to PhD in Management candidate, Daniel J. Quintal-Curcic, who placed as a top 25 finalist in the 2022 SSHRC Storytellers Challenge! Daniel will be receiving a $3,000 cash prize for placing in the shortlist.

Congratulations also to PhD in Digital Transformation & Innovation candidate, Scarlett Kelly, and MSc Health Systems student, Danielle Cruise who also participated in the challenge. All 3 students were awarded a $500 grant from the Telfer Research Office to support them.

Watch each of their video submissions


All graduate students, who meet the eligibility criteria for the various external scholarships/awards (below list) are encouraged to apply. Please note that graduate scholarships are awarded through a competitive process.

Proposals that are put forward to the Office of the Vice-Provost, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies are evaluated as per the University of Ottawa procedures.

Each submission should be accompanied by a written consent from the respective student’s supervisor(s).

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities
January, 2023 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships Apply
January 15, 2023 Telfer PhD Engagement Award Apply
March 30, 2023 François Julien Doctoral Research Scholarship Apply
October 17, 2023 Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral Program (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) Apply
December 1, 2023 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (QEII-GSST) Apply
December 1, 2023 Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master’s Program (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) Apply

Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies (Masters, Doctoral)


Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture (Masters)

TBD Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture (Doctoral) Apply

Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec (Masters)

TBD Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec (Doctoral) Apply
TBD CIHR: Health System Impact Fellowship (doctoral trainees and post-doctoral fellows) Apply    
TBD Daniel Zéghal Award For Excellence In Accounting Research (MSc) (2023 Competition) Apply
TBD Daniel Zéghal Doctoral Research Scholarship (2023 Competition) Apply
TBD Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (2023 Competition) Apply

Telfer Graduate Research Programs Thesis Competition

National Capital Region Management Thesis Competition

Research projects including human subjects will require ethics approval. Here are some tools and information to assist you in this process of obtaining ethics certification:

For advice on ethics submissions, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telfer School of Management Research Grant (SMRG) - SMRG Student Thesis Research Grant

This grant is intended for graduate students who are registered full-time in a thesis-based graduate research program offered by the Telfer School of Management (currently MSc in Management, MSc in Health Systems, MSc in DTI with a Telfer supervisor). The Student Thesis Research Grant has been created to support students in their thesis research. The value of the grant is a maximum of $2,000 for a duration of up to 1.5 years. For MSc students, this is intended as a stipend and/or expenses related to the thesis research.


Applications are submitted by full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty at the Telfer School of Management. The principal investigator is responsible for managing the funds according to the University of Ottawa and the Telfer School of Management policies and regulations.

  • The student must be registered full-time in an MSc in Management, MSc in Health Systems, MSc in DTI program offered by the Telfer School of Management and be supervised by a member of the Telfer faculty.
  • The research must lead to the thesis of the student.
  • The thesis proposal should be defended and approved at the time of the application.
  • The graduate student is expected to work full time on his/her thesis research project.
  • If a student withdraws from the program or defends their thesis, any remaining research funds will be returned to the SMRG program. The faculty member is required to contact the Research Office with a written request (letter or email) to close the account.
  • Funds cannot be reallocated to a different student of the principal investigator.


  • A request to extend the duration of this grant needs to be made to the Research Office and, if granted, the extension will not exceed another full calendar year. A formal request must be made at least two months prior to the end of the grant period. 
  • Supervisors who have external funding will be expected to provide a top-up contribution of $1000.
  • Request for funding has to be submitted through the online portal by the supervisor. 
  • A graduate student is eligible to receive the Student Thesis Research Grant only once for a given program of a study.
  • This grant is not intended for pedagogical uses.


Thesis and possibly academic publication or presentations.

Telfer Travel Fund for MSc and PhD Students (Grad-SMTF)

This program is only available to Telfer MSc or PhD students supervised by Telfer School of Management professors, or DTI PhD or MSc (with thesis) students supervised by a Telfer professor, for the presentation of research findings at academic conferences from work undertaken within the context of the masters or doctoral program offered by the Telfer School:

*The supervisor must be an APUO member.

MSc Students - The maximum amount available per student is $1200 for Telfer students and $400 for DTI students (DTI students can receive additional funding from the Engineering faculty) for travel to one conference and for 2nd year only: only students having completed the first term of their programs are eligible.

PhD Students - The total amount available per student is $1,300 for PhD in management students and $500 for DTI students (DTI students can receive additional funding from the Engineering faculty). This amount is available twice in their program, representing a total of $2,600 for travel to present research findings at two conferences in different academic years.

Application procedure – Applications will be submitted via the School of Management Research Grant Portal.  Please create a profile on the portal in order to apply, using your uOttawa email, and indicate that you are a student.  Click the application for Telfer School of Management Travel Fund for either Masters or PhD, complete the application and attach the required documents.

Full guidelines are available on the portal before you click to apply.

For advice on how to apply to this program and obtain reimbursement or any other questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Academic Project Fund - Graduate Students' Association of the University of Ottawa (GSAÉD)

If you participate in conferences, round tables or field trips as a graduate student, GSAÉD may contribute financially depending on the overall cost and the total amount of funding from other sources.

Visit the GSAÉD website for more information on the Academic Project Fund.

John Duncan and Deb Cross Award (suspended until further notice)

This award is allocated on a competitive basis to a PhD student at the Telfer School of Management for publishing a paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

Telfer PhD Student Engagement Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize one PhD student at the Telfer School of Management who exemplifies the qualities of an engaged student. Students who are selected to receive this award will have demonstrated continued engagement with the program on many levels, namely by: demonstrating initiative in consistently applying for external funding, along with external and internal scholarships; demonstrating success in their courses; showing steady progress in their research program; publishing their research findings; and presenting their research at academic conferences.

Daniel Zéghal Award For Excellence In Accounting Research (MSc) and Daniel Zéghal Doctoral Accounting Research Scholarship (PhD)

This scholarship, linked to the CPA Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre, was created through the initiative and generosity of Professor Daniel Zéghal. as part of the CPA Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre. Its goal is to promote research and skills development in the field of accounting.

François Julien Doctoral Research Scholarship

Honouring François Julien's contributions as dean, the François Julien Doctoral Research Scholarship Fund was set up to help fuel a project at Telfer that he is passionate about, the PhD program in management.  This endowed award will support our outstanding PhD students and their influential research. 

SSHRC Storytellers

If you are wondering why you should participate…

  • This is an excellent opportunity for professional development, to explore innovative strategies to promote your research project, and share your story with the world.
  • Storytelling is now recognized by the business community as an indispensable tool for sharing and promoting ideas.
  • Improve your communication skills and enhance your resumé with this prestigious award.
  • Diversify your social network with this opportunity for global recognition.

If you are a Telfer student, are 19 years of age or older, and wish to participate in the SSHRC Storytellers contest, Telfer wishes to support you in the preparation of a video, podcast, infographic or a creative audio-visual production about a Telfer research project funded by SSHRC. You could win one of three 500$ prizes to be used to cover your production costs. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Other funding opportunities through University of Ottawa Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Awards and Financial Support

Online Scholarships and Bursaries

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