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Abdoulkadre Ado

Ado, Abdoulkadre
Associate Professor
International Business and Global Management
B.Sc. (Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University), M.B.A. (Wuhan University of Technology), Ph.D. (uLaval)
DMS 7150
613-562-5800 x 4719
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Professor Ado completed his higher education in Africa, Asia, and North America. He is an emerging scholar specializing in international joint-ventures and cooperation with southern countries. His current research looks at corporate partnerships in emerging countries, particularly Sino-African business alliances. More specifically, he explores the dynamics between FDI, internationalization, learning and knowledge transfer in joint ventures with focus on China-Africa settings and informalities. He has published in leading IB journals while attending prestigious IB conferences around the world including in Africa, China, Brazil, UK, US, Germany, Australia, India, and UAE.

He has a solid experience in teaching and research at various Canadian higher education institutions. Prior to joining the University of Ottawa, he taught at McMaster University, Ryerson University, and Laval University. He was a visiting doctoral scholar at UN Headquarters in New York, advocating and conducting studies on international development under the supervision of Secretary General’s office (OSAA). His expertise in international business has put him in roles of advising several executives as well as being officially invited by various academic and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. His experience also spanned corporate consulting, banking, public sector, and NGOs. So far, his work in international business has taken him to more than forty countries.

He received the prestigious Vanier scholarship from the Government of Canada, as well as a letter of congratulations (that identifies him as a “world-class scholar”) from a Canadian senator on the occasion of the scholarship. He also received best doctoral dissertation award from his Alma mater. His favorite hobbies include international trips and learning about other cultures. He is fluent in three languages and has some knowledge of Mandarin and Arabic.

Publications during the last 7 years

Papers in Refereed Journals

  • Ado, A. 2022. Internationalization of Guanxi from China to Africa. International Journal of Emerging Markets.
  • Ado, A., Wanjiru, R. and Su, Z. 2021. Chinese Expatriates Working with African Partners: Power Struggles and Knowledge Hiding. Journal of Global Mobility, 9(4): 519-542.
  • Ado, A. 2020. Africa Cooperation: FDI, Informal Institutions, BRI, and Guanxi. African Studies Quarterly, 19(3-4): 75-94.
  • Cheriet, F., Beddi, H., Ado, A. and Kamdem, E. 2020. Management international en Afrique: Spécificités, stratégies des acteurs et enjeux de développement. Management International/International Management/Gestion International, 24(3): 24-30.
  • Ado, A. 2020. International Cooperation and Knowledge Transfer: Comparing China and Europe in Africa. EU-China Observer, 20(1): 4-8.
  • Barnard, H., Lewin, A.Y., Rose, E.L., Ado, A. and Li, P. 2020. Research Frontiers Conference and Paper Development Workshop ‘China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment to Africa. Management and Organization Review, 16: 461-463.
  • Cheriet, F., Beddi, H., Ado, A. and Kamdem, E. 2020. Mot des rédacteurs invités: management International en Afrique: présentation des articles et regards croisés. Management International/International Management/Gestion International, 24(3): 12-33.
  • Cheriet, F., Beddi, H., Ado, A. and Kamdem, E. 2020. Sélection des rédacteurs invités. Management International/International Management/Gestion International, 24(3): 215-216.
  • Ado, A. 2020. From Mindset Transformation to Promoting Entrepreneurship and Diaspora Involvement. Management International, 24(3): 213-214.
  • Ado, A. and Wanjiru, R. 2018. International Business Research Challenges in Africa: Knowledge Creation and Institutional Perspectives. Critical Perspectives on International Business, 14(2/3): 188-209.
  • Ado, A., Su, Z. and Wanjiru, R. 2017. Learning and Knowledge Transfer in Africa-China JVs: Interplay between Informalities, Culture, and Social Capital. Journal of International Management, 23(2): 166-179.

Chapters in Books

  • Ado, A. Perspective commerciale, industrielle et culturelle des coentreprises internationales pour l’Afrique. In Les transformations managériales en Afrique, Éditions EMS. 2023, (In Press).
  • Ado, A. and Adeola, O. Management Philosophies and Knowledge Transfer in China-Africa Partnerships. In International HRM and Development in Emerging Market Multinationals. New York: Routledge, 2021, (Accepted).
  • Adeleye, I. and Ado, A. Creating the Future We Want for Africa. In Africa 2063: Creating the Future We Want. London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021, (Accepted).
  • Ado, A. and Ofori Adofo, J. Asia in Africa. In Position Africa to Claim the Remaining Twenty-first Century. Washington DC: The World Bank Publications, 2021, (Accepted).
  • Ado, A. Cross-cultural Communication and Knowledge Transfer in China–Africa Joint Ventures: Anglophone versus Francophone Experiences.. In Chinese Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa. New York: Routledge, 2020.
  • Ado, A., Su, Z. and Mayuto, R. Gestion de la Coentreprise en Afrique. In Réussir vos Projets d’Affaires en Afrique. Québec, QC, Canada: Presses de l'Université Laval, 2020.
  • Chrysostome, E., Ado, A., Munthali, T.M. and Nnadozie, E. Capacity Building in Africa: Toward A Mindset Transformation. In Capacity Building in Developing and Emerging Countries. United Kingdom: Spinger Nature, 2019, (Accepted).
  • Ado, A. Improving Africa's Competitiveness through Knowledge Transfer: Lessons from Partnerships with China and the Way Forward. In Ifedapo, A. and Esposito, M.. Africa’s Competitiveness in the Global Economy. UK: Palgrave MacMillan, 2018.

Invited Contributions and/or Technical Reports

  • Ado, A. 2023. "L’entrepreneuriat numérique durable au Bénin : opportunités, défis et stratégies", Février.
  • Ado, A. 2022. "What China Is Learning From West African Managerial Practices", October.
  • Ado, A. 2021. "Expert review: International trade and pandemics in Africa".
  • Ado, A. 2021. "Expert review and report: Africa’s economic and social capital, Asian investments in Africa and Africa-Asia cooperation".

Funded Research during the last 7 years

Funded Research during the last 7 years
From-To Source Title * ** Role Amount
2019-2020 Telfer School of Management Role of Guanxi in Knowledge Transfer in China-Africa Joint Ventures R I PI $ 11,906
2018-2020 Telfer School of Management Telfer Research Start Up Fund R I PI $ 20,000
2017 Ryerson University Professional Development Fund O O PI $ 1,000
2011 FSA ULaval, Université Laval Dean’s outstanding performance doctoral award S O PI $ 10,000
2011 Stephen-A-Jarislowsky Chair in International Excellence award S F PI $ 1,000
2011-2017 Stephen-A-Jarislowsky Chair in International Business Research Funding R O PI $ 20,000


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