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Enabling Next Generation Legacies: 35 Questions that Next Gen Members in Enterprising Families Ask

In the field of family business, focus is typically placed on the parent generation. Support for the Next Generation has been limited, even though they’re our future.

Recognizing this gap, Telfer Professors Peter Jaskiewicz & Sabine Rau brought together the global community of family enterprise to address the most pressing questions of the next generation. 88 contributors rose to the challenge, including notable families, academics and experts from around the world.

The result: Enabling Next Generation Legacies, a book already acknowledged as one of the most influential on the subject. Powered by the Family Enterprise Legacy Insitute (FELI) in partnership with Family Business Network (FBN), ENxGL is helping prepare and guide Next Gens in their future roles as family enterprise leaders.

Physical and digital copy of the book are now available: 

To find out more about the Family Enterprise Legacy Institute at the Telfer School of Management, visit our website.