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To succeed in today’s global and dynamic economy, entrepreneurs and organizational leaders need to be innovative decision-makers and moderate risk-takers. In this context, how can they navigate the process from the conception of an idea to the launch of a new product to its sustained impact on the economy? This group of interdisciplinary scholars will examine how novel ideas are conceived, developed into new products, services, and programs, how they are strategically managed, and finally if and how this trajectory can be sustained and rejuvenated for generations to come.

Research Objectives

Telfer’s ASI in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategic Management consists of a group of interdisciplinary scholars interested in the value creation process from first ideas leading to the launch of effective products, services, and programs to the strategic management and ultimate impact and benefits of these new products/services/programs. Our group’s diverse interests are reflected in the

  • various actors whom we study (e.g., women entrepreneurs, family business owners, immigrant entrepreneurs, business incubators, health care professionals),
  • the diverse contexts that we look at (e.g., private, government, international), and
  • the different outcomes we consider (e.g., new venture creation, firm growth and performance, transgenerational value creation, social and economic benefits)


Samia Chreim

view profile

Chreim, Samia

Peter Jaskiewicz

view profile

Jaskiewicz, Peter

Allan Riding

view profile

Riding, Allan

David Crick

view profile

Crick, David

Saouré Kouamé

view profile

Kouamé, Saouré

Sandra Schillo

view profile

Schillo, Sandra

Stephen Daze

view profile

Daze, Stephen

Kaouthar Lajili

view profile

Lajili, Kaouthar

Martine Spence

view profile

Spence, Martine

Shantanu Dutta

view profile

Dutta, Shantanu

Wadid Mohamed Lamine

view profile

Lamine, Wadid Mohamed

Madeline Toubiana

view profile

Toubiana, Madeline

Catherine Elliott

view profile

Elliott, Catherine

David Large

view profile

Large, David

Hien Tran

view profile

Tran, Hien

Mark Freel

view profile

Freel, Mark

José Carlos Marques

view profile

Marques, José Carlos

Stephane Tywoniak

view profile

Tywoniak, Stephane

Agnes Grudniewicz

view profile

Grudniewicz, Agnes

Miwako Nitani

view profile

Nitani, Miwako

Lavagnon Ika

view profile

Ika, Lavagnon

Barbara Orser

view profile

Orser, Barbara

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