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Health care is the largest service industry in Canada and affects all Canadians. However, the sector presents some of the most complex management challenges facing researchers, policymakers, and professionals. These challenges cannot be addressed effectively by one single discipline or siloed healthcare delivery models. Through an innovative systems-based approach to management and strong collaborations with hospitals, clinics, and community-based organizations, this research group will generate the knowledge needed to overcome these challenges, enhance the efficiency of the health system, and improve care for all Canadians.


The Health Systems Innovation & Management ASI supports a rich ecosystem of Telfer School professors, programs, students, and community partners. The ASI aims to be a leader in health systems innovation and management research and education. The goals of the ASI are:

  • Promoting health systems research and community engagement by professors of the Telfer School.
  • Fostering a productive and inclusive internal environment that will lead to large scale collaborative research endeavours.
  • Strengthening Telfer partnerships with the health community to facilitate meaningful and impactful research


Pavel Andreev

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Andreev, Pavel

Agnes Grudniewicz

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Grudniewicz, Agnes

Jonathan Patrick

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Patrick, Jonathan

Sarah Ben Amor

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Ben Amor, Sarah

Mirou Jaana

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Jaana, Mirou

Cheryl Qi

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Qi, Qianru (Cheryl)

Kevin Brand

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Brand, Kevin

Lysanne Lessard

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Lessard, Lysanne

Umar Ruhi

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Ruhi, Umar

Samia Chreim

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Chreim, Samia

Jonathan Yumeng Li

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Li, Jonathan Yumeng

Antoine Sauré

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Sauré, Antoine

François Durand

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Durand, François

Wojtek Michalowski

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Michalowski, Wojtek

Christopher Sun

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Sun, Christopher

Shantanu Dutta

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Dutta, Shantanu

Richard Moll

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Moll, Richard

Yao Yao

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Yao, Yao

Michael Fung-Kee-Fung

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Fung-Kee-Fung, Michael

Onur Ozturk

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Ozturk, Onur

For more information, please contact the Health Systems Innovation and Management Lead, Professor Agnes Grudniewicz, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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