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Argiro Kliamenakis

Kliamenakis, Argiro
Assistant Professor
Bachelor of Commerce (Concordia), Master of Science (Concordia), Doctor of Philosophy (Concordia)
DMS 5151
613-562-5800 x 4765
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Argiro Kliamenakis is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. She received her PhD in Marketing from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. She also holds an MSc in Marketing from the same university.

Argiro’s primary area of research aims at finding ways to reduce the negative effects of consumption on consumer well-being, society, and the environment. More specifically, her research interests focus on better understanding how consumers can be encouraged to make more socially responsible consumption decisions, identifying ways to encourage socially responsible marketing practice, and helping consumers make better decisions for their well-being. Argiro has published in Psychology & Marketing and has presented at various international marketing conferences, including Association for Consumer Research (ACR) and Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP).

Publications during the last 7 years

Papers in Refereed Journals

  • Kliamenakis, A. and Bodur, H.O. 2023. Moral self-signaling benefits of effortful cause marketing campaigns. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Kliamenakis, A., Grohmann, B. and Bodur, H.O. 2023. Consumers' moral licensing of firms' CSR transgressions. Psychology and Marketing, 40(1): 643-655.
  • Kliamenakis, A. and Sobol, K. 2021. When waiting pays off: The impact of delayed goal failure on self-perception and self-regulation. Psychology and Marketing, 38(5): 709-720.

Funded Research during the last 7 years

Funded Research during the last 7 years
From-To Source Title * ** Role Amount
2022-2025 SSHRC Insight Development Grant Wishcycling: When Consumer Recycling Goes Wrong R C PI $ 53,090
2022-2024 Telfer School of Management Telfer School of Management Research Grants (SMRG) R I PI $ 15,000
2019 John Molson School of Business, Concordia University Commerce and Administration Students’ Association Grant S O PI $ 5,000


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C: Granting Councils | G: Government | F: Foundations | I: UO Internal Funding | O: Other | U: Unknown

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