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Darlene Himick

Himick, Darlene
Associate Professor
L.L.B. (York University, Osgoode Hall Law School), Call to the Bar of Nova Scotia (Canadian Bar Association), M.B.A. (Dalhousie), CFA Charterholder (CFA Institute), Ph.D. (U of Calgary)
DMS 6161
613-562-5800 x 2611
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Darlene Himick received a Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Calgary and an MBA from Dalhousie University. Professor Himick also earned an LLB from Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. Her teaching interests include financial accounting, accounting theory, and financial statement analysis. A Charterholder with the CFA Institute, Ms. Himick served for several years as a pension investment consultant before she began her academic career. Among her many current roles, she is a Senior Research Fellow with the Shareholder Association for Research and Education, based in Vancouver, B.C.

Research Interests

Professor Himick regularly presents her research at academic conferences and industry forums. Her work has been published in Accounting, Organizations and Society, the European Accounting Review, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, the Journal of Business Ethics, and the Journal of Management Studies. Her research focuses on pension accounting, responsible investing by pension funds, and the use of experts during standard setting. She is also interested in accounting history and the accounting profession, specifically its interaction with the actuarial profession. Ms. Himick has received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC) to study the issues around the use of accounting information in the context of retirement plans in Canada and the United States and the emergence of the individual shareholder activist.

Publications during the last 7 years

Papers in Refereed Journals

  • Himick, D., Johed, G. and Pelger, C. 2022. Qualitative research on financial accounting – an emerging field. Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, 19(4): 373-385.
  • Martinez, D. and Himick, D. 2022. Accounting in (direct) action: Prefiguring emancipation in accounting research. Critical Perspectives on Accounting.
  • Himick, D. and Ruff, K. 2019. Counter accounts of profit: outrage to action through ‘just’ calculation. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 33(4): 699-726.
  • Brivot, M., Baud, C. and Himick, D. 2019. Accounting Ethics and the Fragmentation of Value. Journal of Business Ethics, 168(2): 373–387.
  • Himick, D. and Brivot, M. 2019. Carriers of ideas in accounting standard-setting and financialization: The role of epistemic communities. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 66: 29-44.
  • Boubaker, S., Chourou, L., Himick, D. and Saadi, S. 2017. It's about Time! The Influence of Institutional Investment Horizon on Corporate Social Responsibility. Thunderbird International Business Review, 59(5): 571-594.
  • Himick, D., Brivot, M. and Martinez, D. 2017. Constructing, Contesting, and Overloading: A Study of Risk Management Framing. European Accounting Review, 26(4): 703-728.
  • Cooper, C., Graham, C. and Himick, D. 2016. Social impact bonds: the securitization of the homeless. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 55(2016): 63-82.
  • Himick, D. 2016. Actuarialism as biopolitical and disciplinary technique. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 54(2016): 22-44.
  • Himick, D., Brivot, M. and Henri, J.F. 2016. An ethical perspective on accounting standard setting: The case of Professional and lay-experts' contribution to GASB's Pension Project. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 36: 22-38.
  • Himick, D. and Audousset-Coulier, S. 2016. Responsible Investing of Pension Assets: Links between Framing and Practices for Evaluation. Journal of Business Ethics, 136(3): 539-556.

Chapters in Books

  • Himick, D. and Vinnari, E. Counter-accounts and Accountability, Accounting and Governance. In Edward Elgar Handbook of Accounting, Accountability and Governance. Forthcoming, 2022, (Accepted).
  • Himick, D. Bringing the Ethics of Things to Accounting. In n/a. 2nd Australasian ed., Milton: Wiley, 2022, (Accepted).

Funded Research during the last 7 years

Funded Research during the last 7 years
From-To Source Title * ** Role Amount
2020-2021 CPA - Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre Modern Slavery Disclosures O I Co-I $ 6,000
2018 SSHRC Healthy Professional/Knowledge Workers C C PI $ 1,425,000
2018 SSHRC The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement R C PI $ 98,224
2018-2019 Telfer School of Management Modern Slavery - a Review and Research Agenda O I PI $ 12,000
2016-2019 SSHRC Individual Investors as Engaged Shareholders R C PI $ 43,000


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C: Granting Councils | G: Government | F: Foundations | I: UO Internal Funding | O: Other | U: Unknown

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