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Ana María Peredo

Peredo, Ana María
Full Professor
Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship
B.S.Sc (Universidad Inca Garcilazo de la Vega), M.A. (U of Calgary), Diploma Studies (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), M.A. Studies (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), Ph.D. (U of Calgary)
DMS 6148
613-562-5800 x 4784
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Ana María Peredo is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair and Full Professor of Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship at the Telfer School of Management. She was formerly Professor of Political Ecology at the School of Environmental Studies and Director of the Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy, both at the University of Victoria, Canada.

Dr. Peredo’s work has contributed to understanding the ways communities can address poverty by constructing rewarding and sustainable livelihoods out of resources in their distinctive cultures and environments. She draws on her academic training in Anthropology and Management and extensive experience in the Andes of her native Peru to explore alternative economies and their impact on the social and environmental aspects of community.

Ana Maria has published several seminal pieces on community-based enterprises, Indigenous entrepreneurship, social enterprises, and solidarity economy. Her work has been published in journals such as the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice, Organization, World Development, Journal of Peasant Studies, and several other prominent journals and foundational anthologies.

She has received a number of awards and fellowships and serves on several academic and professional boards. Currently, she is the Associate Editor of Organization, Co-Coordinator of the European Group for Organizational Studies’ Standing Working Group on Organization Studies in the Anthropocene and Past President of the Western Academy of Management.

Research Interests

Ana María currently focuses on three inter-connected areas: (1) Alternative Organizations and Solidarity Economies: community-based entrepreneurship, co-operatives, community-based economies/ co-operative economies, common-property social enterprises, social justice, local currencies, small businesses networks; (2) Indigenous Economies and Decolonization: Indigenous Entrepreneurship, Indigenous social Innovation, critical entrepreneurship, impacts of development/business projects, Indigenous movements and ontologies; (3) Alternative Futures: Social movements, De-Growth-Post-Growth Movements. She welcomes opportunities to work with accomplished graduate students who have a specific focus in these areas.

Publications during the last 7 years

Papers in Refereed Journals

  • Peredo, A.M. 2023. The unsettling potential of Indigenous organizing. Organization, 30(6).
  • Colbourne, R., Peredo, A.M. and Henriques, I. 2023. Indigenous entrepreneurship? Setting the record straight. Business History, 1-23.
  • Weber, G., Cabras, I., Peredo, A.M., Yanguas-Parra, P.A. and Prime, K.S. 2023. Exploring resilience in public services within marginalised communities during COVID-19: The case of coal mining regions in Colombia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 415(137880): 1-12.
  • Peredo, A.M. 2022. Indigenous and Divergent Voices in the Business School: Who’s listening? Management International, 26(5): 144-148.
  • Peredo, A.M. 2022. ‘People Like You’: Hidden Stories. M@n@gement, 25(4): 84-85.
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  • Weber, G., Cabras, I., Ometto, P. and Peredo, A.M. 2021. Direct Management of COVID-19 at National and Subnational Level: The Case of the Western Amazon Countries. Public Organization Review, 21(4): 741–757.
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  • Peredo, A.M. and McLean, M. 2020. Decommodification in action: Common property as countermovement. Organization, 27(6): 817-839.
  • Peredo, A.M., Haugh, H. M., Hudon, M. and Meyer, C. 2020. Mapping concepts and issues in the ethics of the commons: Introduction to the special issue. Journal of Business Ethics, 166(4): 659-672.
  • Cordoba, D., Juen, L., Selfa, T., Peredo, A.M., de Assis Montag, L. F., Sombra, D. and Santos, M. P. D. 2019. Understanding local perceptions of the impacts of large-scale oil palm plantations on ecosystem services in the Brazilian Amazon. Forest Policy and Economics, 109: 1-11.
  • Rowe, J., Peredo, A.M., Sullivan, M. and Restakis, J. 2018. Policy Supports for Co- operative Development: Learning from Co-Operative Hot Spots. Journal of Co-operative Studies, 51(1): 31-47.
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  • Rowe, J., Peredo, A.M., Sullivan, M. and Restakis, J. 2017. Co-operative development, policy, and power in a period of contested neoliberalism: The case of Evergreen Co-operative Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. Socialist Studies/Études Socialistes, 12(1): 54-77.


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Chapters in Books

  • Segovia, R.A. and Peredo, A.M. “We cannot cut the tree if we don’t have permission from its mother”: Kukama resistance through life-affirming cosmologies. In Alakavuklar, O.N., Barros, A., Jammulamadaka, N. and Peredo, A.M.. Business storytelling and Postcolonialism. London, UK: World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd., 2023.
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  • Sayers (Kekinusuqs), J. and Peredo, A.M. Hupacasath First Nation: Roadmap to a Sustainable Economy. In Verbos, A.K., Henry, E. and Peredo, A.M.. Indigenous Aspirations and Rights: The Case for Responsible Business and Management. London, UK: Routledge, 2017.
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Invited Contributions and/or Technical Reports

  • Dagli-Hustings, I., Peredo, A.M., Ndimukaga, E., Ikinci, M., Koko, A.D., Christou, G. and Lordos, A. 2022. "Bugesera societal healing programme: Collaborative livelihoods protocol (co-live manuals 1 - 3)".
  • Peredo, A.M. 2020. "Social Investment Activities and Needs Assessment for Vancouver Island. B.C. Report".

Funded Research during the last 7 years

Funded Research during the last 7 years
From-To Source Title * ** Role Amount
2023-2026 SSHRC Partnership Development Grant Enabling Systems Transitions Towards Inclusive Innovation R C Co-I $ 198,793
2023-2024 SSHRC The International Academy of Research in Indigenous Management and Organization Studies R C PI $ 25,000
2023 Telfer School of Management International Academy for Research in Indigenous Management Organization S I PI $ 19,500
2023 University of Ottawa International Academy for Research in Indigenous Management Organization S I PI $ 17,500
2022-2029 Canada Research Chairs Canada Research Chair in Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Tier 1 R C PI $ 1,400,000
2022-2023 Telfer School of Management Start-up funds S I PI $ 20,000
2021-2023 SSHRC Two-Eyed Seeing, Grand Challenges and Wicked Problems: Indigenous-led Responses to the Neoliberal Restructuring of Cities and Urban Centres R C Co-A $ 245,936
2021-2022 SSHRC Connection Grant Walking in two worlds, co-creating a two-eyed seeing approach to research training O C Co-A $ 24,000
2020-2021 SSHRC Blueprint for an inclusive and sustainable recovery R C Co-A $ 24,996
2019-2022 SSHRC Oil Palm in water territories: the impacts of crop expansion on water resources and local livelihoods in the Brazilian Amazon R C Co-A $ 74,998
2018-2019 SSHRC Regenerative Enterprise in Fragile Ecosystems R C Co-A $ 23,000
2018 Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) Paper Development workshop on Theoretical Perspectives on Organisations and Organising in a Post-Growth Era. London, UK S O Co-PI $ 10,974
2017-2021 SSHRC Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship: A Co-generated Approach R C Co-A $ 366,758
2016-2017 University of Victoria, Co-operative and Community-Based Economy Research Fund Indigenous Sustainability and Community Innovation: Sites of Social Innovation on Vancouver Island R O Co-I $ 90,000
2015-2018 Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF) Amazon Fish for Food /Peces para la Vida project for indigenous peoples of Bolivia R U Co-A $ 5,000,000


C: Contract (R and D) | E: Equipment Grant | R: Research Grant | S: Support Award | P: Pedagogical Grant | O: Other, U: Unknown

C: Granting Councils | G: Government | F: Foundations | I: UO Internal Funding | O: Other | U: Unknown

PI = Principal Investigator | Co-I = Co-Investigator | Co-PI = Co-Principal Investigator

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