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The workforce has been transforming and so has the nature of work. As this research group examines the impact of these transformations on our workforce, organizations, and society, they aim to gain a better understanding of thriving. Thriving implies greater well-being and high-performance. Therefore, research conducted under this multidisciplinary and timely theme requires a look beyond the productivity and financial performance of individuals, organizations, and societies. This research group will delve into the conditions that encourage thriving and the factors that prevent our workforce and organizations from doing so.

Research Objectives

Research conducted by the Thriving Organizations and Societies Lab focuses on identifying how to help people within and outside organizations pursue healthier and more meaningful lives. Our three main research questions are:

  • What are the barriers and facilitators to promoting and maintaining the well-being of individuals and teams within organizations?
  • How can organizations and society at large harness the benefits of inclusion and diversity?
  • What makes organizations value social responsibility towards their internal and external stakeholders?


Ahmed Khalil Ben Ayed

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Ben Ayed, Ahmed Khalil

François Durand

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Durand, François

Daina Mazutis

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Mazutis, Daina

Silvia Bonaccio

view profile

Bonaccio, Silvia

Catherine Elliott

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Elliott, Catherine

Muriel Mignerat

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Mignerat, Muriel

Mohamed Chelli

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Chelli, Mohamed

Agnes Grudniewicz

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Grudniewicz, Agnes

Jane O'Reilly

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O'Reilly, Jane

Samia Chreim

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Chreim, Samia

Darlene Himick

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Himick, Darlene

Sharon O'Sullivan

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O'Sullivan, Sharon

Alexander James Corner

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Corner, Alexander James

Kaouthar Lajili

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Lajili, Kaouthar

Yao Yao

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Yao, Yao

Jennifer Dimoff

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Dimoff, Jennifer

Laurent Lapierre

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Lapierre, Laurent

Magda Donia

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Donia, Magda

José Carlos Marques

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Marques, José Carlos

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