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Three Tips for Self-Love During Mental Health Week and Beyond

 |  Category: Student Voice

As students, we know how hard it is to find time to give yourself some much-needed self-love, but it is important to make sure that mental health is a priority. You don’t have to simply replace your time with just scrolling on Instagram or TikTok, you can do so much more to bring yourself the needed self-love into your life.  Read more ›

Another Great Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition This Semester

 |  Category: Rising Stars

On April 6th, the Telfer School of Management hosted its annual Michel Cloutier Competition, a live case competition where fourth-year marketing students are required to present a marketing plan which aims to solve a real-life business issue for an existing company. This year's organization for the case was Canada Post.  Read more ›

Join us in building a Better Canada and a bolder Telfer

 |  Category: Donations / Fundraising

A special message from Stéphane Brutus, Dean of the Telfer School of Management  Read more ›

Where the Smart Money is Going: An exclusive Q&A for you

 |  Category: Donations / Fundraising

James Price, Telfer’s Executive Director, Development & Community Engagement, and the Telfer community engagement team are leading Telfer’s Smart Money campaign in support of our Vision for a Better Canada, the most ambitious awareness and fundraising effort in Telfer history. Just hours before we ignite the Smart Money campaign, he found a few minutes to explain what the campaign will achieve, what it’s going to do for Telfer and Canada, and why, of all possible moments, now is the time to make this happen. Every alumnus or citizen who wants to see a Better Canada can play an important part.  Read more ›

intopia capstone student winners

 |  Category: Rising Stars

From March 19 to 21, fouth-year Telfer BCom students participated in the Intopia Strategy Simulation, as part of their fourth year capstone Strategic Management class (ADM 4311). Students had to apply strategic management concepts in an online-simulated world, where they are required to make quick decisions in a determined period and negotiate with their peers to grow their simulated business over the weekend.  Read more ›

Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain in the Food and Grocery Retail Sector

 |  Category: Alumni in the Lead

Telfer alumna Chantal Butler (BCom ’94) believes there is a momentum in the food retail sector for driving sustainable actions within supply chains. She works with several clients who seek to influence the food retail industry so that it becomes more sustainable. How can the food and grocery retail sector create a greener world through their supply chains and what are the main challenges? We interviewed her to learn more about positive changes ahead. Read more ›

A group of women entrepreneur working and discussing around a conference table

 |  Category: Student Voice

In Canada, the number of female entrepreneurs is growing every year. According to Statistics Canada, by 2019, 15.6% of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were mostly owned by women and they represented 37.4% of the self-employed population. Generating more than $117 billion in economic activity annually, we can see that women are increasingly emerging as key players in economic development.   Read more ›

Woman hands working on a laptop with notebook and coffee

 |  Category: Student Voice

As a female entrepreneur, you are bound to discover lessons learned and favourite tips from your experiences. A wise person once said that the first act of wisdom is to give good advice, the second is to ask for it and the third is to follow it. While this statement applies to all aspects of life, it resonates even more when it comes to entrepreneurship, which is a field full of surprises and twists.  Read more ›

uOttawa does it again at the 2021 Enactus Canada Regional Exposition

 |  Category: Latest News

After taking home three titles in 2020, the Enactus uOttawa team has again distinguished itself at the 2021 Enactus Central Canada Regionals competition. The uOttawa chapter has been awarded Central Canada Regional Champion titles in all three competition pools they competed in. They also brought home the coveted Best Project Idea all pools combined at the Scotiabank Climate Action Challenge.  Read more ›

The Evolution of PhD in Management Program at the Telfer School

 |  Category: Telfer Announcements

On January 18th 2021, Telfer Nation celebrated an important milestone in the young history of its Doctorate in Management program when Vusal Babashov successfully defended his thesis and became the first PhD graduate of the School. Like the challenges of a candidate’s doctorate journey, the celebrations were well in order as it took a lot of effort, research, and the work of a whole team of faculty and staff members to finally create what is now the renowned PhD program at the Telfer School of Management.  Read more ›

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