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Family business change in ownership to next generation member

 |  Category: Latest News

The global economic recovery will rely disproportionately on the success family-owned enterprises achieve in managing next generation transitions. These organizations include 60% of the global workforce, account for two-thirds of the world’s businesses, and contribute 66% of worldwide GDP. Professors Peter Jaskiewicz and Sabine Rau of the Telfer School of Management address this next generation shift in a new book to be released at this week’s World Investment Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.    Read more ›

Sean Sirois

 |  Category: Alumni in the Lead

New research from the Telfer professor Darlene Himick suggests that public pressure is necessary if we are looking for ways to tackle the climate crisis. But while dialogue is important to put pressure on the financial system, Telfer alumnus Sean Sirois (BCom ’83, CFA, ICD.D, RIPC) believes we need concrete action now. We sat down with Sirois to discuss new research and practices, from selective divestment to responsible investing, and identified some of the major transformations needed to make our financial system more sustainable.  Read more ›

Telfer Student Mentors Prepare Ottawa High School Students for a Future in Business

 |  Category: Student Voice

This summer, four Telfer students led the six-week Telfer Mentorship Program, in collaboration with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB). This program aims to give high school students who are seeking a co-op placement the opportunity to learn about the field of business. Students and recent alumni, Wiam Ben Karroum, Jamie Harvie, Laura Oris-Naidenova and Priyesh Sarju, represented the Telfer School of Management as the mentors.  Read more ›

Two students study together in the field in front of the Tabaret building using their laptops

 |  Category: Student Voice

With new assignments and exams around the corner, it’s important to start thinking about our study strategies and where you’ll be studying. Personally, since my first year at university, I always tried to find the best places to study both on campus and nearby. So here’s what I believe are the 7 best spots to study on and off campus.    Read more ›

The Telfer School of Management Announces a Strategic Leadership Cabinet with Prominent Business Leaders

 |  Category: Telfer Announcements

At the Telfer School of Management, we have formally named seven prominent Canadian business leaders to the School’s Strategic Leadership Cabinet to work with Dean Stéphane Brutus in order to advance the School’s Vision for a Better Canada. Each member of the cabinet brings years of experience to the table, leading some of the biggest and most influential businesses in Canada. Their first inaugural meeting takes place today, October 6th in the Desmarais building.  Read more ›

Addressing Water Advisories in Indigenous Communities with Student-Led Initiative, Nibi

 |  Category: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The acknowledgement of the need for reconciliation through Truth and Reconciliation Day is a step in the right direction, but there is still more progress to be made as hundreds of Indigenous communities currently hold boil water advisories.  Read more ›

Team picture student competition

 |  Category: Telferimpact

Moving in a big city can often seem logical upon choosing to pursue post-secondary education, but it remains a big decision especially when if we grew up in a small town. Studying in Ottawa often comes with many opportunities, notably given its political and economic opportunities amidst a vibrant culture fuelled by its own people coming from around the world. However, Ottawa’s portrait would be quite different without its large French community.  Read more ›

Alumna In The Lead: Wiam Ben Karroum

 |  Category: Alumni in the Lead

Wiam Ben Karroum graduated from the Telfer School of Management with a double degree in Finance and Business Technology Management (MISA) in just April of 2021. She has already secured a full-time role at Deloitte on the Technology, Strategy, and Transformation team, after completing a co-op with the company during her studies.  Read more ›

Two women entrepreneurs sitting at a table discussing

 |  Category: Student Voice

Canada ranks as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. This can be attributed to not only the ease with which businesses are created, but also to its favourable legislative framework and its various support programs for entrepreneurs.   Read more ›


 |  Category: Health Systems Management

Telfer PhD candidate, Peyman Varshoei, started his doctoral journey in 2017 when he moved from Iran to Ottawa. Since then, he has started on his three-chaptered thesis for his PhD in Management with a Specialization in Health Systems. He met his wife (Elmira Mirbahaeddin) who is also a doctoral candidate in the same PhD program at Telfer School.  Read more ›

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