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Alumna In The Lead: Wiam Ben Karroum

 |  Category: Alumni in the Lead

Wiam Ben Karroum graduated from the Telfer School of Management with a double degree in Finance and Business Technology Management (MISA) in just April of 2021. She has already secured a full-time role at Deloitte on the Technology, Strategy, and Transformation team, after completing a co-op with the company during her studies.  Read more ›

Two women entrepreneurs sitting at a table discussing

 |  Category: Student Voice

Canada ranks as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. This can be attributed to not only the ease with which businesses are created, but also to its favourable legislative framework and its various support programs for entrepreneurs.   Read more ›


 |  Category: Health Systems Management

Telfer PhD candidate, Peyman Varshoei, started his doctoral journey in 2017 when he moved from Iran to Ottawa. Since then, he has started on his three-chaptered thesis for his PhD in Management with a Specialization in Health Systems. He met his wife (Elmira Mirbahaeddin) who is also a doctoral candidate in the same PhD program at Telfer School.  Read more ›

Congratulations to the Winners of the Summer 2021 Intopia Strategy Simulation

 |  Category: Rising Stars

Telfer BCom students know a big project is coming when they enroll for their fourth-year capstone course, Strategic Management (ADM 4311). The course includes an online strategy simulation that counts towards much of their overall grade in this course, the Intopia Strategy Simulation.  Read more ›

Telfer MBA Students Helping the Ottawa Local SME Community with a one-of-a-kind Consult-a-thon

 |  Category: Community Engagement

The MBA Student Association (MBASA) at Telfer School of Management came up with an event that is the first of its kind – a small and medium-sized (SME) Consult-a-thon focusing on providing fast-paced, strategic solutions to businesses in the local community.  Read more ›

Parliament of Canada in Ottawa

 |  Category: Student Voice

Are you an international student still deciding on the university you would like to go to on exchange? Are you interested in the Telfer School of Management and would you like to know about what my experience as a French student was like? Well, you are in the right place!  Read more ›

Overcoming interview anxiety begins with preparation and with challenging your fears to create a positive and honest impression

 |  Category: Alumni in the Lead

Telfer alumni Kim Ades (MBA 1993) and Nichole Grenier (BCom 1990) discuss how job candidates can overcome this type of anxiety and instead use genuine, powerful strategies to create a positive impression during a job interview.  Read more ›

The 2021 Annual “Telfie” Awards with Dean Brutus

 |  Category: Telfer Announcements

On June 23rd, the Telfer School of Management held its Annual Excellence Recognition Assembly. Hosted for the first time by  On June 23rd, the Telfer School of Management held its Annual Excellence Recognition Assembly. Hosted for the first time by Dean Stéphane Brutus, this annual summer meeting is an opportunity to highlight the efforts and exceptional work of the Telfer faculty and staff members with awards assigned through votes by their colleagues and peers.  Read more ›

participants in obstacle course climbing pyramid

 |  Category: Latest News

The last 15 months have been turbulent to say the least. We have gone through many changes in the way we live, work and relate. Whether we’ve liked it or not, we’ve had to call on and build up our personal resilience. And by now, we’ve heard it all: from advice to eat better, do yoga, and take bubble baths, we know how to build our individual resilience so that we can “adapt to stress, […] harness resources to maintain well-being, and find personal growth as a healthy adaptation to crisis” (Southwick, Frederick, et al).       Read more ›

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