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Telfer MHA Students are Shaping a Healthier Debate for Health Care in Canada

 |  Category: Health Systems Management

Our Master of Health Administration (MHA) students are shaping a healthier debate with their final assignment as part of the Health Care in Canada course (MHA6360). This course, led by Assistant Professor Agnes Grudniewicz, consists of an interesting project as the final class assignment which involves an online publication opportunity. The students were to prepare an opinion article on a chosen topic of interest with the ultimate objective of being published in Healthy Debate, a Canadian online publication that aims to provide easy-to-understand information about the health care system. Read more ›

Researcher looks into e-health and telehomecare applications among elderly patients

 |  Category: Health Systems Management

A first-of-its-kind Canada-wide survey of seniors’ health technology-related behavior.  Read more ›

 |  Category: Health Systems Management

Craig Kuziemsky tackled the unintended benefits of introducing health information systems (HIS) at the European Medical Informatics Conference in Pisa, Italy on Aug. 27. Professor Kuziemsky and a team of researchers from Canada, Denmark, and Australia used several case studies of HIS implementation to develop a model of unintended benefits of HIS usage with three categories of benefits: patient, service delivery and administrative. They also examined the implications of these benefits on the design and evaluation of HISs. The benefits were not visible until after these systems were used in real clinical situations and settings. This was in contrast to studies of negative consequences of HIS implementation, which are often easier to identify because they raise issues which tend to draw immediate attention.  Read more ›

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