Telfer Talks hosted a webinar on opportunities and changes in consumer behaviors with professor Steven Daze as the moderator. Speakers on this webinar include Telfer Alumni Anie Rouleau, Founder of the Unscented Company; Dipalli Bhatt, Director of Marketing at Incognito Software; Professor Michael Mulvey at the Telfer school of Management; Moktar Yusuf, Cofounder and CEO of Relmogeo; and Karla Briones, Founder of Karla Briones Consulting and Immigrant Entrepreneur Academy.

These speakers all have different and unique outlooks into the current changing consumer market. They discuss the pivots in each of their respective fields, as well as trends in consumerism as a whole. Questions are answered about business opportunities during a pandemic, privacy concerns in a virtual world, adaptability, and hiring new employees in this environment. 

Watch the webinar now: