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Alyssa Bourjolly, souriante

 |  Category: Rising Stars

A passionate and driven leader, Alyssa Bourjolly is a promising third-year BCom student studying in accounting. She was inspired to study at the Telfer School because of its international recognition and faculty expertise, two key elements in providing an excellent education in Alyssa’s opinion. Alyssa understands the importance of getting involved and how crucial it is to flourish personally and professionally. She has been involved with the School in many ways, from joining the Telfer Accounting Club (TAC) to working as Director of student engagement for the Telfer Student Council (CéTSC).   Most recently, Alyssa was elected President of the CéTSC! She is responsible for the daily operations of the Council and ensures its Executive members are fulfilling their responsibilities. Some of her tasks include serving as the liaison between the Council and the faculty and being the chief spokesperson and official representative of the CéTSC and its 13 clubs. Alyssa benefits from her involvement, by meeting new people and creating long-lasting relationships that have greatly contributed to her student experience. She urges everyone to do the same “as it allows you to develop great academic, social and professional skills”. Alyssa has achieved a lot since she started studying at the Telfer School, but her proudest accomplishment is being able to balance her studies, work and volunteer work. She manages to work three part-time jobs and volunteer at the CéTSC, all while maintaining a good GPA as a full-time student! Her success would not have been possible without the support of her parents who believe in her ability to succeed in any initiative she undertakes and never fail to encourage her hard work.   Five years from now, Alyssa hopes to work in an accounting firm where she will have the opportunity to put into practice the skills she gained from Telfer – and we have no doubt she will find success in this field!  Read more ›

People clapping at conference

 |  Category: Latest News

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, senior government and private industry leaders filled the University of Ottawa’s Tabaret Hall for Telfer’s 3rd annual, full-day seminar dedicated to successful complex project execution.  Read more ›

Toronto Telfer Alumni Network team, smiling

 |  Category: Telferimpact

The Toronto Telfer Alumni Network (TTAN) is a group of alumni whose goal is to connect Telfer alumni and current Telfer students in the Toronto area. The TTAN believes that the experiences and sense of community formed as Telfer students are potent tools that can propel one forward in their career, enriching professional relationships, networks, development opportunities, and career opportunities.  “We have noticed that there is a need to support and guide young Toronto alumni as many of them can lose touch after university, despite having a desire to stay connected”, explains Alex Dettman, President of the TTAN. Therefore, the TTAN works to connect Telfer alumni and students in Toronto to foster a continued sense of community, professional development, and support in navigating career opportunities. Run by a group of passionate alumni volunteers, TTAN also works to build an even stronger bond between the Telfer School of Management’s alumni associations and their alumni.  Read more ›

Helen Angus Souriante

 |  Category: Telferimpact

On May 13 2019, the Telfer School welcomed Helen Angus, Deputy Minister of Health and Long-term care for our CEO-In-Residence Lecture Series. Helen Angus was appointed Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care in June 2018, after having most recently served as the Deputy Minister of Treasury Board Secretariat and the Secretary of Treasury Board and Management Board of Cabinet.   Read more ›

Telfer employees with the Dean hold a trophy, smiling.

 |  Category: Community Engagement

The Employee Giving program is an annual initiative run by the University of Ottawa, which seeks to engage faculty, support staff and retirees in support of student-focused initiatives. These donations focus on enhancing the student experience with scholarships, financial aid and research programs. This year marks the eighth year of the campaign, in which the Telfer School saw its most successful participation rate to date.   Read more ›

Cyril Moukarzel smiling

 |  Category: Alumni in the Lead

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Cyril Moukarzel was looking for a school that would teach him the business skills needed to start and run a successful business. He was attracted to the Telfer School’s international recognition and faculty expertise, as well as its strong alumni network. These elements made Telfer the best fit for him.  Read more ›

Alida, smiling, promoting her company.

 |  Category: Rising Stars

Alida Burke was born and raised in Ottawa, and made the decision to study at the Telfer School of Management to have a positive impact in her community. She recently completed her fourth year of studies, specializing in Accounting. Alida has always been interested in making a positive impact in communities across Canada, which is why she joined Enactus in her first year of studies. Enactus is a student club at Telfer aimed at building social enterprises to tackle social and environmental issues in our community. During her fourth year, she held the Vice-President of Finance position. Through Enactus, Alida met another student who shared the same passion as her for the wellbeing of Canadian communities. Together, they created their own startup called The Growcer.   Read more ›

student speaking on podium

 |  Category: Rising Stars

During their final year of undergraduate studies, the Telfer Bachelor of Commerce students must complete their respective capstone courses. A capstone project is an academic experience where students conduct a live case study on a subject that targets a specific issue. The students must present their conclusions in front of a panel of judges and peers. The students in Finance, Accounting, and Marketing participate in these final presentations at the end of their studies.  Read more ›

Silicon Valley

 |  Category: Latest News

Each year, the University of Ottawa invites associated entrepreneurs to participate in a competition that results in up to 5 companies being selected for an exclusive and curated trip to Silicon Valley. Winners of this challenge are awarded the phenomenal opportunity of a trip to Silicon Valley. Selected start-ups receive $4,000 to fund their trip, which coincides with the annual Executive MBA trip to the Valley, this year scheduled in May 2019. The five companies selected this year were Incuvers, Thawrih, Alpha Kinetic Inc., Desk Nibbles (now re-named Hoppier), and App 8.  Read more ›

Forty under 40 logo

 |  Category: Alumni in the Lead

Once a year, the Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ) recognizes accomplished and rising business leaders in the National Capital Region by naming them to their Forty under 40 list. These pioneers reflect the economic diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, and future of the city’s dynamic business community.  Read more ›

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