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What is a Capstone?

A capstone is an academic experience where students conduct a research assignment on a subject that connects to community issues and present their conclusions in front of a panel of judges and stakeholders.  

Michel Cloutier:

The Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition was originally introduced by the late professor and Associate Dean, Michel Cloutier, in 1986. The competition was renamed in his honour in 1991.

The purpose of the Marketing Competition is to bring students closer to the business community by working on a real business case presented by a sponsoring company.

Intopia Simulation Strategy:

The Intopia Simulation Strategy is an integral part of the Strategic Management class where the students are required to make quick decisions before a predetermined time elapses. Students must negotiate with each other in order to grow their business over the weekend. Intopia participants get immediate feedback on their decisions and are given the opportunity to apply what they learned during their 4 years at the Telfer School. 

Finance Capstone:

All students of ADM 4350 (Equity Valuation) take part in a case competition where they have to estimate the value of a real-life company and propose a course of action that the company should take to solve its problems.

Accounting Capstone:

Each semester, students in the 4th-year class Case Studies in Accounting (ADM 4340) participate in a case competition in which they analyze a real company and report on accounting issues being faced by the company.

Award Winners

Intopia Simulation Strategy:

Best Component Producer: Team 7

Anthony Beaulieu
Kawter Benmessoud
Khouloud Haddi
Haitam Lamqaddem
Justine Malette-Poirier
Kouassi Ruben

Best Service Provider: Team 18

Cédric Amessan
Maxime Chainey
Justin Larose-Clément
Janika Maisonneuve Bossé
Justine Malette-Poirier

Best Finished Goods Producer: Team 16

Terry Hsieh
Yousef Masry
Kumarakuladervan Ramanath
Kexin Weng
Ningyu Yao

Best Integrated Producer/Best Overall: Team 17

Katya Berezovskaia
Mackenzie Duncan
Naylor Evan
Patrick Kaminski
Jack Lau

Michel Cloutier:

Jia Zi Chen
Jiana Bandojo
Kyenshak Zakka
Will Vincent
Michael Vice
Fiona Ing

Finance Capstone: :

Tsoi Lau
Robert Mackenzie Duncan

Poster Winners

Rushika Khatkar
Nourhan Mohamed
Pierre-Andre Smith

Accounting Capstone (English):

Robin Cheung
Adib Hossain
Kushalsingh Romooah
Yasr Said
Leah Salzman

Accounting Capstone (French):

Laurence Vaillancourt
Alexandre Plouffe
Tina Samaha
Myriam Joanisse

Intopia Simulation Strategy:

Best Component Producer: Team 30

Yasr Said
Adib Hossain
Shoban Anandarajah
Ziyad Zeidan
Noah Taj

Best Service Provider: Team 10

Nicholas Castell
Ali Hassan
Ryan Persaud
Khaled Hawari
Benyamin Khademi

Best Finished Goods Producer: Team 23

Patrick Chury
Simon Liedtke
Dina El Alami
Bhagyashree Ravinthiran

Best Integrated Producer/Best Overall: Team 11

Simon Watters
Terrence Poon
Patrick Haggar
Grace Tang
Richard Li

Intopia Simulation Strategy:

Best Component Producer: Team 51 - Kadri

Leizl Pineda
Madison Scheer
Ivana Brainerd
Audrey-Anne Delage
Steven Gutknecht-Segovia

Best Service Provider/Best Overall: Team 18 - Koame

Mathew Paquet
Maxine MacKinnon
Duan Hua Dora Go
Amy Wakerell
Nathalie Parker

Best Finished Goods Producer: Team 34 - Marques

Mohan Aubeeluck
Youssouf Salah
Samy Saadaoui
Guèye Arona
Sabine Tambay

Best Integrated Producer: Team 14 - Manseau

Ven Djukic
Lindsay Gray
Michael Inglis
Blake Bolkovic
Mark Bradica

Michel Cloutier:

Amy Wakerell
Mariah Thom
Maxime Alarie
Véronique Sabourin

Finance Capstone:

Yining Hou
Yufeng Zhang
Bohan Li

Poster Winners

Amaresh Parameswaran
Sagar Kaushal
Ashok Baldeo

Accounting Capstone (English):

Natalija Karajovic
Matthew Kreuk
Peter Li
Garrett Reed
Kyle Weedmark

Intopia Simulation Strategy:

Best Component Producer: Team 32 - O'Sullivan

Jason Audfrioud
Julie-Anne Given
Zane Olfert
Austin St. Pierre

Best Service Provider/Best Overall: Team 6 - Manseau

Katherine Alvarenga
Guillaume Darraidou
Nicklas Jensen
Philippe Mahaffy
Alexis Routhier

Best Finished Goods Provider: Team 18 - O'Sullivan

Colin Bonsall
Bohan Li
Qi Zhang
Yufeng Zhang
Chen Yu Zhao

Best Integrated Producer: Team 40 - Koame

Namitha Abraham
André Caissie
Joel Emond
Ilana Lander
Antoine Paradis

Michel Cloutier:

Moe Abu Rouss
Alexandre Blais
Alif Mollick
Christine Seguin
Marisha Sesto
Alexandra Smiley

Finance Capstone:

First Place

Mitch McEwen
Lorie Lucia

Poster Winners:

Pascale Boucher
Adnan Shaikh
Troy Streber
Bithanya Lemma

Accounting Capstone (English):

Christina Georgiou
Gaetano Lombardo
Dominic Piscopo
Sarah Spencer
Sharanya Tharmarajan

Accounting Capstone (French):

Joel Emond
Fabio Ndizeye
Simon Watters
André Caissie

Intopia Simulation Strategy:

Best Component Producer: Team(34) Manseau

Marilyna Boutros
Laurence Gagne
Samia Mohamed
Jade Pomerleau
Pat Senecal

Best Finished Goods Producer: Team(5) Kadri

Mohammed Jaradat
Kim La
Zhe Nan Liu
Feng Qing Ming
Gowribalan Raveenthiran

Best Service Provider: Team(16) Kadri

Eric Cavaliere
Logan MacPherson
Carter Malette
Santiago Pinzon Delgado
Kyle Weedmark

Best Integrated Producer: Team(9) Kadri

Christina Georgiou
Ila Gupta
Divya Mehta
Sarah Spencer
Sharanya Tharmarajan


Michel Cloutier:

Matthew Fernandez
Paxton Mayer
Jon Ou
Carl Rhyndress
Matthew Saunders

Intopia Simulation Strategy:

Shawn Corcoran 
Meghan Drake
Cameron Joseph Hayes 
Sarah Loewen
Paxton Mayer 

Finance Capstone:

Mila Giray           
Rohan Kumar     
Shivdeep Pal 

Best poster winner:

Bryan Froh
Bashayer Khatheer
Eric Lafreniere

Accounting Capstone:

Alexandre Chaiban
Celine Daoud 
Clara Ferland
Cole Van Wyk


Michel Cloutier:

Spencer Chan
Chelsea Hamre
Michaela Hermer
Keara Johnston
Taylor Sudermann

Intopia Simulation Strategy:

Brenda Lam
Eric Thompson
Roberto Shapiro
Sundus Abu-Oshaibah
Hoang-Nghi Dam-Le

Finance Capstone:

Nathalie Puppa
Anne Armstrong

Accounting Capstone:

Philipe Hoff-Hamann
Miguel Laroche
Justin Nadeau
Hugo Émard
Brendan Sheedy
Jeffrey Alves
Anthony London Di Perno
Gurjiwan Gill          
Kejsi Merja
Alamin Mollick

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