We’ve adopted an approach where Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability (ERS) are embedded into all aspects of the BCom program.

Through undergraduate courses, many of them compulsory in their respective disciplines, we’ve developed innovative pedagogical approaches that promote social responsibility.  One innovative approach is through the integration of Community Service Learning (CSL) activities as an alternative deliverable in a course. A collaborative program that relies greatly on both community support and faculty engagement, CSL is a structured volunteer activity whereby you can contribute to fulfilling a specific community need and use the experience to advance learning in your field of study.

In addition to the numerous in-classroom activities that you can undertake during your BCom, we proactively encourage you to participate in various clubs of the School, and within these clubs, to be engaged in activities and initiatives which foster our ERS values. Some Telfer Clubs that engage in ERS activities include: Telfer Students' Association, our student-run, non-profit organization Enactus uOttawa, and our Telfer-run charity organization, CASCO.

Ultimately, the combination of specific initiatives and linkages to classroom deliverables ensures that your student experience within the BCom program is enhanced through ethics, responsibility, and sustainability.