We want the best. To ensure our program is home to exceptionally talented and ambitious business leaders in the making, we offer access to a wide variety of scholarships, awards and other methods of financial support:

How to apply

To view and apply for scholarships, please use our search engine Online Scholarships and Bursaries, accessible through your uoZone account.

  1. Under Finance and Jobs, click on the Online Scholarships and Bursaries link
  2. Complete the “Student Profile” on the home page
  3. Click on “View and Apply for More Scholarships”
  4. Click on the checkbox next to every award to which you would like to apply
  5. Click on the “Add to my application list”
  6. Complete the required tasks for each award


Scholarship Tags
Accenture Scholarship academicexcellence, communityengagement
AéTSA Student Engagement Awards internationalstudents
Agescan International Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, accountingfinance, admission, internationalstudents, marketing
Albert and Margery Smith Scholarship financialneed, ontario
Alterna Savings Social Responsibility Program Fund internationalstudents, leadershipspirit
André Poirier Scholarship communityengagement, financialneed, ontario
Anie Rouleau International Exchange Scholarship financialneed, internationalexchange
BDO Accounting Scholarship academicexcellence, communityengagement, internationalstudents
Bernard and Valérie Marcil Scholarship accountingfinance, financialneed, francophonie, ontario, parttimestudents
Bernard Raymond Admission Scholarship for Excellence academicexcellence, admission, internationalstudents
BMR Group Inc. Mobility Scholarship coop, internationalstudents
Bouchard-Phillips Admission Scholarship admission, communityengagement, financialneed, internationalstudents
Brian J. Saxe Scholarship at the Telfer School of Management academicexcellence, financialneed, internationalstudents
Camille Villeneuve Scholarship-Merit financialneed, ontario
Chrysler Canada International Exchange Fund financialneed, internationalexchange, internationalstudents, parttimestudents
CPA Ontario Accounting Scholarship academicexcellence, accountingfinance
Derek Hatoum Admission Scholarship for BCom Students from the Greater Toronto Area academicexcellence, admission, othercanada
Desgagné-Soden Family Scholarship accountingfinance, edi, financialneed, ontario
Donald H. Lander Scholarship academicexcellence, internationalmanagement
Donna Pritlove Scholarship financialneed, internationalstudents, parttimestudents
Dupuis-Archambault Scholarship financialneed, ontario
Ethics in the New Millenium Scholarship academicexcellence, communityengagement, internationalstudents
Fleur de Lys Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, admission, francophonie
G. B. "Hap" Nicholds Memorial Scholarship financialneed, ontario, ottawagatineau
Gaby St-Pierre Mobility Scholarship coop, financialneed, ontario
Groupe Investors Scholarship - Gatineau academicexcellence, communityengagement, internationalstudents
Harrison-Comtois Family Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, admission, northernontario
Hilda Nininger Scholarship academicexcellence, financialneed
HRPA of Ontario, Ottawa Chapter Scholarship communityengagement, financialneed, hrm, ontario
International Scholarship for Families of Canadian Soldiers
International Student Financial Assistance Fund financialneed, internationalstudents
Jacline A. Nyman Scholarship financialneed, internationalstudents
Jacques Vaillancourt Scholarship academicexcellence, communityengagement, financialneed, francophonie, ontario
James E. Orban Scholarship academicexcellence, communityengagement, internationalstudents, leadershipspirit
James E. Orban Scholarship Fund (OTSS) academicexcellence, communityengagement, financialneed, leadershipspirit, ontario
Janet Leblanc Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, financialneed, internationalstudents
Jean-Luc Gravel Scholarship for Women in Finance academicexcellence, accountingfinance, edi, internationalstudents
Jean-Luc Pépin International Exchange Scholarship financialneed, internationalexchange, ontario
Jérôme Doutriaux Scholarship communityengagement, financialneed, ontario, parttimestudents
Jill Brown International Exchange Scholarship financialneed, internationalexchange, ontario
John B. Rooney Memorial Scholarship academicexcellence, accountingfinance
Joseph Doucet Memorial Scholarship financialneed, internationalexchange, ontario
Kershaw Group Entrepreneurial Scholarship for Women at the Telfer School edi, entrepreneurshipspirit, internationalstudents
Kevin Vollett Entrepreneurial Award entrepreneurshipspirit
Kincaid-Saint Admission Merit Scholarship academicexcellence, admission, internationalstudents
KPMG Accounting Scholarship academicexcellence, accountingfinance, internationalstudents
KPMG Accounting Scholarship for students from Black, Indigenous and racialized communities academicexcellence, edi, internationalstudents
Lawrence Cullen Memorial Scholarship academicexcellence, admission, othercanada
Lincoln Greenidge Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, admission, internationalstudents
Logan Katz LLP Scholarship academicexcellence, accountingfinance, financialneed, ontario
Louis de Melo Mobility Fund for the Telfer Executive Mentorship Program internationalstudents
Louise Lemay  Marc Vallières Bursary at the Telfer School of Management edi, financialneed, internationalstudents
Luc-Lauzière University of Ottawa HR Team Scholarship financialneed, hrm, internationalstudents
Marc Roy Scholarship communityengagement, financialneed, ontario
Marcil Lavallée Accounting Scholarship accountingfinance, communityengagement, francophonie, internationalstudents
Mark and Megan Farrell Family Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, admission, internationalstudents
Marlene King Patrick Admission Scholarship communityengagement, edi, internationalstudents
Mary Haydon Memorial Scholarship communityengagement, edi, financialneed, ontario
McCay Duff LLP Scholarship academicexcellence, accountingfinance, coop, internationalstudents
MNP LLP Merit Scholarship for Accounting Students academicexcellence, accountingfinance, francophonie, internationalstudents
Myron and Catherine Tetreault Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, internationalstudents, othercanada
Nancy Malloy Memorial Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, financialneed, internationalstudents
Normand Fortier Scholarship academicexcellence, communityengagement, financialneed, leadershipspirit, ontario
Pagé-Valin Family Scholarship communityengagement, financialneed, hrm, mgt, ontario
Partner Family Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, admission, internationalstudents
Paul Gagné Admission Scholarship at the Telfer School of Management academicexcellence, admission, northernontario
Peter and Ann Koppel Admission Scholarship academicexcellence, internationalstudents
Peter and Ann Koppel Scholarship for Excellence academicexcellence, communityengagement, internationalstudents, leadershipspirit
Phillippe Côté Scholarship communityengagement, financialneed, leadershipspirit, ontario
Réjeanne Landry Scholarship admission, communityengagement, francophonie, internationalstudents
RGA / Michel Cloutier Marketing Competition Award for JDC internationalstudents, marketing, parttimestudents
Robert Wallace Scholarship financialneed, internationalstudents
Telfer Diversity and Equity Scholarship communityengagement, edi
Telfer International Exchange Program Mobility Scholarship academicexcellence, internationalexchange, internationalstudents
Telfer Student Association Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Fund edi, financialneed, internationalstudents
UAP Scholarship academicexcellence
Victoria Johnson Memorial Student Aid Fund internationalstudents
Welch LLP Accounting Scholarship academicexcellence, accountingfinance, communityengagement, internationalstudents
Welton Beauchamp Nixon Scholarship-Merit academicexcellence, financialneed, marketing, ontario, ottawagatineau
Welton Beauchamp Scholarship academicexcellence, entrepreneurshipspirit, internationalstudents, marketing
Wes Hall Scholarship accountingfinance, admission, edi, internationalstudents
Yvette and Arthur Bigras Memorial Scholarship academicexcellence, admission, francophonie, ontario