Have you ever considered pursuing graduate studies? Are you interested in working on a research project as a first step and obtain units towards your program at the undergraduate level?

Students who have completed their third year in the BCom program with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 7.0 (B+) or higher are invited to participate in a research project with one or several professors as a directed reading during their fourth year of study.

Participate in a research project with a professor from the Telfer School of Management

You have the opportunity to participate in a research project by registering in the course: Directed Readings in Management (ADM 4998). This course may be considered as an elective in your program option or as an ADM elective to meet the requirements of your program. This initiative will allow students interested in pursuing graduate studies to work with a professor on a real research project as a first stage before starting their graduate program (M.Sc. or Ph.D.). The work accomplished may even contribute to the development of a thesis for the students who will pursue their graduate studies.

ADM 4998: Directed Reading in Management (3 cr.)

The student is to determine an area of interest in which he or she wishes to do extensive research. Under the guidance of the professor, the student will select a topic and investigate the area of interest. A written paper will be expected from the student. (Open only to fourth-year students whose CGPA is 7.0 or over, and subject to the consent of the professor and the Secretariat, Undergraduate Student Services Programs).

Guidelines for Directed Readings in Management

  1. It is the student's responsibility to find a full-time professor of the Telfer School of Management willing to supervise the Directed Readings.
  2. Prior to registering, the student and the professor will prepare a syllabus of the proposed directed readings outlining:
    1. The topic to be covered and a detailed outline of the content;
    2. The method of evaluation (written or oral examinations, exercises, papers); and
    3. The list of readings given to the student. 
  3. Registration in a directed readings module must be approved by the Secretariat at the Student Services Centre (DMS 1100). In order to register the student must provide a syllabus as described in (2) above and a copy of the completed attached form. This syllabus will be kept in the student's file as a detailed description of what will be done in the module. A directed reading is equivalent to 3 units and comprises approximately 80 hours of work.


Registration to a Directed Reading in Management


Many factors are considered when giving approval to directed readings modules, in particular the performance of the student in the program. A minimum CGPA of 7.0 (B+) is required in order for a student to register to directed readings.

To obtain more information on the operation of the program, please contact the Telfer School of Management's Student Services Centre. We sincerely hope this initiative will enrich your student experience and will support you in the pursuit of your graduate studies.