The University of Ottawa is part of the Ontario postsecondary system. It became a public university on July 1, 1965 with enactment by the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario (Canada) of the University of Ottawa Act, 1965.  Degree programs in business at the University of Ottawa are offered by the Telfer School of Management.

Ontario universities are authorized to offer Undergraduate Programs leading to a bachelor degree, Graduate Programs leading to master's and doctorate degrees, Continuing Education programs and certificates, including distance and part-time programs. Degree programs must be approved and are periodically appraised by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry does not impose specific admissions criteria: universities themselves have specific requirements for admission. The province funds universities and dictates conditions for tuition fees and increases.

The University of Ottawa is a member of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU), an association of all authorized academic institutions in the Province of Ontario. It also belongs to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), which is usually considered in Canada as the equivalent of an accrediting body.

The University of Ottawa is a bilingual institution offering programs in English and in French. The Telfer School of Management adheres to the university’s linguistic mission: students can complete their Honors Bachelor’s of Commerce in English or in French, and can take courses in either language. The School also offers its MBA program in both official languages. The EMBA, MHA and M.Sc. programs are offered in English. Student services are offered in both languages and active knowledge of either French or English, with passive knowledge of the second official language is a tenure condition for faculty members. While the bilingual nature of the School provides a rich cultural environment for students, it does impose additional constraints compared to other competing business schools.


Our Purpose

To develop influential leaders and create relevant management knowledge that transform lives, organizations and communities.

Our Vision

The Telfer School is the space in which you create your future through the competencies, confidence and convictions we help you develop and the knowledge, connections and support we provide.

Our Mission

To launch and accelerate management careers and influence sustainable organizational performance through the leadership of our graduates and the impact of our researchers.

The Telfer School of Management is a member of the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans (CFBSD) which is a lobby group for Canadian Schools of Business. There are 61 university-based business schools in Canada that are members of the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans. Eighteen are in the province of Ontario and they all offer graduate and undergraduate programs; nine of them currently offer Ph.D. programs.

All of the Telfer School programs are subsidized by the Province of Ontario, except the EMBA and Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership programs which are funded by tuition fees.

The Telfer School is one of only three schools in Canada with the triple accreditation. It is one of twenty-two AACSB accredited business schools and one of three that has received AMBA accreditation. Nine other Canadian business schools currently (October 2017) have EQUIS accreditation.

While it attracts students from across Canada and around the world, the Telfer School largely competes in two regional markets: Ontario and Quebec. In the Quebec market, its major competitors are HEC Montreal and Laval for French programs and McGill and Concordia for programs in English. In the Ontario market, the major competitors are Queens, McMaster, Laurier and Carleton.

Over the past decade, the Telfer School invested time, energy and resources in establishing solid foundations. We have hired research intensive new professors and developed our research capacity and profile. Our program revisions have focused on learning outcomes and improvement of the student learning experience. We have invested in external relations and fundraising, generated significant engagement with alumni and numerous corporations, and raised the School’s endowment to $43M. We have expanded our Executive Education portfolio. During our most recent strategic planning exercise, we realized that the next stage in the School’s evolution is to consolidate its activities and become more visible internationally. As such, the School’s strategy has been centered on the idea of building reputation and this will drive our strategic initiatives.

The Telfer School has seen a dramatic increase in its competitive position and reputation. Its new name, new building and its fundraising success have increased applications to its programmes from students locally, regionally and nationally. The School has seen a marked rise in the quality of incoming undergraduate students. Having increased entrance requirements and put forward programs to enhance program success, the school is also observing an increase in 1st year student success and retention. The School has also seen a marked improvement in the quality and productivity of the faculty’s research. It has also been making major efforts to increase its international student recruitment through participation in various international recruitment fairs and has been seeing success in this area.

As the School look ahead to the next decade, our direction will be to continue to focus on building the Telfer brand and reputation, nationally and globally, by promoting the leadership and influence of our graduates, the relevance and impact of our research, the quality of the School’s work and the value it creates for others. Such a focus was consistent with much of the input received by the Strategic Planning Team during the consultative phase of the process.

Furthermore, considering how competitive the business school landscape has become, it became even more imperative to differentiate the School, both nationally and globally. To do this, we will continue to build the Telfer brand around a strong student experience, our distinctive competencies (for example, our Strategic Areas of Expertise (SAEs) and our various research communities of interest), our unique location in a G7 Capital and the benefits of our location in Canada, our association with The University of Ottawa, our bilingual heritage and our broad, multi-cultural heritage.

The Telfer MBA Program 

The Telfer MBA is designed to provide participants with grounded knowledge and skills related to management of business, with a focus on preparing graduates to lead high-performing organizations. This concept of leading high performance organizations represents a differentiating theme of the program in comparison with its competitors. The MBA program structure provides participants with increased knowledge of their own personal, interpersonal and professional skill profiles as well as knowledge and skills related to the world of business practice.

Position Description

Under the general direction of the Vice-Dean Programs, the Director of the MBA Program is responsible for providing strategic leadership, management and oversight for Telfer MBA Program. Responsibilities include community engagement, recruiting, admissions, program management and delivery.

  • Lead the School’s MBA Program in line with its mission and goals.
  • Represent the Telfer School of Management in interactions with other UOttawa campus units, the corporate community, alumni and to current and prospective MBA students.
  • Drive program recruitment and enrollment of qualified students for the program to achieve annual goals as established by the Vice-Dean's office.
  • Collaborate with the Administrator Graduate Office on the recruitment and admission of MBA students. Conduct open houses, meet with prospective students and serve as spokesperson for recruitment activities.
  • Oversee faculty, budgets, operations, and manage financial performance of the program.
  • Administer of the MBA program; lead efforts in policy development and execution that enrich the MBA experience.
  • Collaborate with the School’s Accreditation Officer in the provincial assessment and external accreditation processes of the MBA Program. Support the officer in all rankings activities and work to strategically identify and use those metrics that will enhance our program’s reputation.
  • Oversee and direct program management and deliver an outstanding MBA-level student experience from orientation through graduation.
  • Collaborate with the Vice-Dean Programs and MBA faculty to facilitate curriculum and course development in the MBA program.
  • Collaborate with Vice-Dean Programs, Graduate Office Administrator, directors of the School's other Masters Programs, faculty, members of the marketing group, Career Center staff to identify, develop and implement key initiatives and programs.
  • Develop and lead the delivery of a comprehensive academic advising strategy that supports all MBA students’ personal and professional goals
  • Lead collaborative efforts to provide experiential learning and international programs for MBA students

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of MBA markets, rankings, leading practices, and accreditation standards.
  • Highly effective communicator, both in writing and speaking in English and French, with an ability to inspire students, faculty, and business partners.
  • Proven marketing and networking ability.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in teams with faculty, and staff, as well as with colleagues across the campus community and business community.
  • Financial management knowledge desirable, as is experience in a highly dynamic and competitive environment.
  • Ability to focus on actions and outcomes, with a strong level of energy and drive.
  • Ability to work independently, multi‐task, and prioritize responsibilities.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree required. Minimum of three (3) years of related MBA program experience with an AACSB‐accredited program –OR—five (5) years of business experience in senior management or consulting positions.

Preferred Qualifications

  • MBA or other relevant post graduate degree and/or a combination of academic and senior program management experience such that the individual will have recognition and credibility with students, faculty, alumni, and the general business community.
  • A minimum of three (3) years of experience in program development and administration preferably within a graduate business school/university environment.
  • A strategic thinker with evidence of successful implementation.
  • Proven marketing and networking talents.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

Salary and Other Considerations

  • Commensurate with experience
  • Requires ability to work frequent weekends and evenings
  • Requires periodic regional, national and international travel.


The Telfer School welcomes those who are excited by the prospect of building a world-class MBA Program in Ottawa, based on the following ambitions:

  • To build the School’s competitive advantage around our most unique attributes: our location in a G7 Capital, our close proximity to Canadian decision makers, our association with uOttawa, our bilingual heritage and our broad, multi-cultural diversity
  • To be a business school that is known for the impact of our programs, research and community engagement
  • Our research drivers are truly strategic and drive the School  - they provide distinctive, world class discovery and learning platforms, and they continue to strengthen the School’s international reputation;
  • Our programs deliver a world-class, real-life, hands-on and relevant learning experience that is inspired by the research we do and supported by our engagement with the community;
  • Our engagement with Canadian and International leaders drives our programs and research, and the relationships we have created with our community enable us  to better understand the challenges they face and the value we can offer; and
  • We are commitment to global standards of quality and excellence, and we achieve this through the process of continuous organizational improvement.

The search committee will begin considering potential candidates immediately and will continue until the position is successfully filled. A complete application which includes a letter of introduction, no longer than two pages in length, outlining the reasons why this position is of interest to you, your vision for the School’s MBA program and any initiatives you would like to put forward and undertake should you be selected, your curriculum vitae, and the name of three references (who will not be contacted without your consent) should be submitted electronically to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The University Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management is an Equal Opportunity Employer advancing inclusive excellence. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, protected veteran status, or other protected categories covered by the UOttawa  non-discrimination policy.