Thank you for being a part of the 2018 Giving Tuesday movement at the Telfer School of Management. With the help of generous donors like yourself, the Telfer School is able to host, and have students compete in a variety of different f inance competitions on a yearly basis.

The huge impact of donations is not possible to articulate without the help of students. Bithanya Lemma is one of many students who can speak to the extraordinary opportunities that would not be possible without the immense support the school receives. Bithanya has been involved with the Telfer Finance Society for the past three years, holding the positions of VP Academic, VP Events and President. Bithanya is a prime example of how integral case competitions are for students.

"Finance competitions have changed my undergraduate experience because they provide opportunities for students that we other wise wouldn't be getting in lectures. These competitions allow students to not only apply what they're learning, but get feedback and networking opportunities with professionals well recognized in this industry. The opportunity to learn from them is extremely valuable and appreciated."

Bithanya can speak to the need and appreciation for donations to the Finance Competition fund, as she has been heavily involved in planning and leading finance competitions. "Donations are important to the students that compete in finance competitions because they enable us to continue to grow these competitions, allowing more students to participate, provide more incentives to attract students, and supply the Telfer Finance Society with the recourses and materials necessary to execute successful competitions. Without donors, the competitions would not operate at the caliber they currently do."

"The opportunities that case competitions provide are like non-other. In 2016, I served as VP Academic for the Telfer Finance Society which meant I was responsible for working with the title sponsor Jean R. Desgagne (at the time President and CEO, Global Enterprise Services at TMX Group) to plan the competition. Having the opportunity to work with and host Mr. Desgagne, a donor who continuously makes a difference as a Telfer alum and is an esteemed professional in the f inance field, was an amazing opportunity and something that Icould not have experienced without case competitions."

Once again, thank you for helping students like Bithanya experience and learn as much as possible during their time at Telfer!