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The MHA program is led by a dedicated and experienced faculty comprised of many of Canada’s leading health care management experts and researchers. This elite group of academics and professionals includes:

Kevin Brand Professor Kevin Brand's research informs the risk analysis/management interface applied to the health sector. His methods-research aims to simplify and illuminate projections/forecasts of health impacts (using simple mathematical models), and to clarify the translation of uncertain evidence into warrants for health policy action (using simple decision analysis and risk perception insight).


Samia Chreim Professor Samia Chreim's research focuses on the dynamics of organizational change, collective leadership, integration across organizations, collaboration among professionals, and communities of practice. She has attended to these notions in the context of mental health teams, primary care units, and hospitals.



Agnes Grudniewicz Professor Agnes Grudniewicz's research is focused on primary and community care and aims to improve health care systems and services for patients with complex health and social needs. Using qualitative and mixed-methods research designs, Dr. Grudniewicz studies integrated care, coordination and collaboration across settings and care providers, and goal-oriented care.


Mirou Jaana
Professor Mirou Jaana
's research interests focus on the areas of health care management and Health Informatics including the implementation of electronic medical records and the strategies to support their use, risks in health IT projects, telehealth applications, digital health and seniors, and specific aspects of healthcare services (e.g., patient safety, quality, access to care).


Wojtek Michalowski, Professor Wojtek Michalowski's research interests include computer-interpretable clinical practice guidelines, decision analysis and medical decision making, clinical decision support systems, and computer modeling of interdisciplinary healthcare teams. He has authored and co-authored over hundred fifty refereed papers.



Jonathan Patrick Professor Jonathan Patrick's research interests are in applying the methods of operations research to improve the efficiency of health care: patient scheduling, health care management and patient treatment models, wait time management, dynamic programming, approximate dynamic programming, random models and processes, and linear programming.


Antoine Sauré Professor Antoine Sauré's research interests include advanced modelling and decision-making under uncertainty and their applications to large-scale problems in service operations. In particular, the study of resource allocation problems in health care and other areas. From a methodological point of view, his research focuses on the development of advanced analytics techniques for dynamic resource allocation problems.



Executive in Residence

George Langill George Langill, former Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group.

He maintains an active consulting practice and is Residency Coordinator for the MHA Program. In addition to providing teaching excellence, faculty members work closely with students, offering them advice and counselling related to residency selection, field projects and career opportunities. The faculty also seeks to foster student initiative, intellectual curiosity and independent judgement through self-directed projects and residency placements in a variety of health care organizations. To this end, the program makes significant use of teaching materials geared toward health care practitioners, and encourages students to undertake voluntary activities in health care institutions and related organizations.

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