For more than 50 years, the Telfer School of Management has played a vital role in Canadian healthcare by preparing talented professionals to assume leadership positions in all areas and at all levels of our country’s ever-changing, increasingly complex healthcare system.

As a graduate, you will be a part of the Telfer Alumni Community. You will be the link to leadership.

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Telfer Leaders

The Telfer School of Management helps students to become high performance leaders and develop themselves to reach their full potential. MHA graduates are prepared to manage and lead by focusing on results, value and outcomes with discipline and adaptability.

Through learning, networking, utilizing our services and staying involved, graduates will climb to the top.

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Learn & Network

When MHA students graduate, they join the Canadian healthcare leaders as Telfer MHA alumni and have access to over 90 respected healthcare organizations. Our alumni association has not only created a strong spirit of collegiality among graduates, but is also an active organization that provides you with opportunities to advance your career, enhance your professional knowledge and help those who graduate after you make smooth transitions to working life.

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There are many benefits and services offered to MHA alumni at the Telfer School of Management. Whether you’re looking for resources, discounts, transcripts or merchandise, the School has many attractive services offered to graduates.

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Staying Involved

Once students graduate, their relationship with the Telfer School does not come to an end but opens up to allow alumni access to many great events and opportunities. One way to stay involved is by being a program ambassador where you can share your experiences with an incoming student by volunteering your time. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Alumni Testimonials

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Alumni Profiles

Taylor Johansen, MHA ’14

Director, Autism Program, CHEO

CHEO’s Autism Program supports families with children on the autism spectrum. Its services include sleep support, social skills groups, school readiness services, education sessions, and caregiver support. CHEO’s Autism Program is the only autism provider that delivers home-based care to families in rural areas outside the nation’s capital. In addition, by bundling different services together, CHEO is able to offer high-quality services while lowering the cost for families.

Elizabeth Tanguay, MHA ’21

Director, Archipel Ontario Health Team

Based in Ottawa, the Archipel Ontario Health Team is a group of health and community service organizations that provides health care and services to communities. The team uses a person-centred approach and is developing services so people can have the information and resources they need for reliable, accessible and integrative health care. Archipel’s new services include a database to help people find services in their communities and enabling quick, secure access to people’s medical information.

Steven Parker, MHA ’22

(2022 Winner of the Michel Lalonde Award - MHA)
Senior manager of supportive housing, Shepherds of Good Hope

With nine locations across Ottawa, the Shepherds of Good Hope is a leader in shelter services and supportive housing, helping to address challenges related to mental health, addiction and trauma. SoGO stabilizes people through shelter programs, provides a permanent home with around-the-clock support, serves hundreds at its soup kitchen and prepares people for employment. It provides practical and emotional support to homeless people, to empower those who are vulnerable to improve their lives, providing them with the resources to do so.