All Telfer MHA students quickly find meaningful, rewarding jobs after graduation. The reason behind their immediate career success is straightforward. The Telfer MHA:

  • Provides our graduates with a solid grounding in key areas of business management
  • Prepares them to tackle the challenges inherent in modern healthcare systems
  • Enables them to apply the skills they have learned in academic training to a four-month administrative residency or field project in one of more than 90 dynamic healthcare settings

Gain knowledge of key areas of business management

The Telfer MHA arms you with the knowledge and skills you need at the tactical level (setting budgets, managing teams, allocating resources) and the strategic level (setting direction, managing change, spurring innovation). All are vital aspects of work in the public and private sectors of healthcare.

Learn skills to tackle the distinctive challenges of modern healthcare

Healthcare is different from other industry sectors. The bottom line in this field is not based solely on profits and losses but primarily on the quality and safety of patient care and the success of health outcomes from preventative treatments to long-term care. The Telfer MHA equips you with the vital skills you need to take on the distinctive challenges of this unique field:

  • Integrating health services
  • Managing cost-effective delivery of quality health services
  • Improving service accessibility and reducing wait times
  • Mitigating the effects of professional shortages
  • Driving innovation and change in health systems and strategies
  • Leading teams of diverse health professionals in pursuit of your shared goal—improving the quality and safety of patient care

Get on-the-job training and real-world experience

The most distinctive features of the Telfer MHA are the exclusive administrative residency and/or the field project. Taking place after the completion of all course work, the residency/field project give you an extraordinary opportunity to put into practice your business- and health-management knowledge and skills.

Flexible program delivery options, advanced qualifications, unique learning opportunities

The Telfer MHA also enables you to:

You may also want to consider the Executive Master of Health Administration, delivered online and featuring a one-week in-person residency.

Seize the opportunity. Start your rewarding career right away. Choose the Telfer MHA.