Methods for development and learning outcome evaluation strategies

By the end of this program the student will be able to:

  • LG1: Understand and apply management principles in health care systems
    Expose students to the broad range of management issues faced by health care managers. Teach skills to support effective health care management, including structural analysis, evaluation and redesign of health organisations, operations assessment and improvement, application of information and systems for health care transformation, human resource management, and financial analysis.
  • LG2: Understand the governance of health care in Canada and of provincial/territorial health systems in comparison to other health systems internationally
    Describe governance in Canadian health care systems across provinces and territories and develop student ability to conduct international health systems comparisons.
  • LG3: Formulate, implement and evaluate health policy and strategy at the micro, meso and macro levels
    Develop students’ abilities to think strategically at all levels including health policy formulation, implementation and evaluation; strategy formulation and implementation; performance measurement and management for quality improvement at organizational and systems levels.
  • LG4: Think beyond organizational boundaries to the entire continuum of care and apply a social determinants of health approach
    Expose students to the concepts of health systems beyond the acute setting and build an understanding of the social determinants of health and their impact in health care management.
  • LG5: Provide value to the health community
    Real experience with projects directly in the health care community that provide value to a health organisation as well as create a unique learning opportunity for the student.
  • LG6: Lead, communicate, and work in interdisciplinary teams in patient-centered environment
    Develop skills in effective leadership, communication and teamwork required to succeed in interdisciplinary health care organisations. Apply organisational behavioral and systems theory for management of human resources including conflict resolution; decision making; team development; and written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills and negotiation.
  • LG7: Think critically to support ethical decision-making
    Impress on students an understanding of the role and importance of critical thinking in decision-making and develop skills in ethical management.