Not all Telfer MHA students are the same. Most want to launch their careers in healthcare. Some require a graduate degree in health management to open the door to a rewarding career shift. While others possess clinical training as health professionals and wish to accelerate their career advancement or gain additional professional knowledge and skills to apply in their current positions. 

The MHA (20 Months + Administrative Residency/Field Project)

The MHA program is the ideal choice for experienced working professionals who wish to enhance their skills quickly and thoroughly. You will complete the program coursework within 20 consecutive months, followed by a residency and/or field project. The MHA program length is a total of 24 months:  

  • Students who choose the Residency and Field Project option will finish the program in the Fall session of Year 3 (i.e. 24 non-consecutive months).  
  • Students who choose the Field Project only option will finish the program in the Spring/Summer of Year 2 (i.e. 24 consecutive months). 

Please refer to the MHA program structure page for additional details. 

Flexible course delivery

Working professionals will attend classes 2 evenings a week (6 hours) and 3 weekends per term (6 hours).

This delivery format enables students to focus on the study of specific topics, and the program administrators to invite high-profile guest speakers to engage students in in-depth discussions on pressing issues in health management.