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Admission Criteria

You must meet the following four criteria to be considered for admission to the Telfer MHA:

  • Have completed a baccalaureate degree from a Canadian school or its equivalent from a school outside Canada and achieve a minimum admission average of B (70%) calculated in accordance with the Graduate Studies guidelines (last 20 courses for foreign transcripts or last 60 units for Canadian and USA transcripts). All post-secondary studies are considered at the time of admission, with the most recent studies being considered in the first instance. 
  • A minimum of three (3) years of full-time work experience is required. In general, preference is given to those applicants who have greater work experience, particularly when there is evidence of career progression. If you have over 7 years of work experience, discover the online Executive MHA program.
  • Achieve a min. of 75% in the required Harvard Modules as indicated below.

APPLICATION Process and Deadlines

In order for your admission file to be reviewed by the Telfer School of Management Admissions Committee the following tasks must be completed:

  1. Complete the OUAC application form online at Your application will be transmitted once you have paid the application fee. You will receive by email your uoAccess ID and password within 3 to 5 days. This ID and password will allow you to log in to the uoZone student portal uoZone.
  2. Upload via student portal, under the tab Applications, then uoDoc the following electronic documents:
    • Curriculum vitae (resume): Outline your managerial and professional experience, and any pertinent volunteer work.
    • Letter of Intent: State your reasons for pursuing a graduate program, your contribution to the program given your background and experience. The letter should be at least 500 words.
    • A copy of your successful completion certificates from Harvard Modules or admission test scores (GMAT or GRE).
    • Transcripts: Please upload one transcript from each post-secondary you attended. Transcript from the University of Ottawa will be requested by our office.
      • Candidates who completed their studies in China must submit official translations (transcripts and diplomas) certified by the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC). They must be sent directly to our institution
      • Transcripts from non-Canadian and non-American institutions should include the grading scale (often found at bottom or back of the transcript. If not, you need to obtain it from your school). 
      • If the transcript is not in English or French, a certified translation must be submitted.
      • N.B. Official and recent transcripts will be required in the event of an admission offer. Please have them delivered to the following address:
        Telfer School of Management
        55 Laurier Avenue East, Room 4160
        Ottawa ON K1N 6N5 Canada
    • Official language proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, CanTEST, etc.) if applicable.  To be valid, the test score must be less than two years old at the time of application. To speed up the evaluation process, please upload a copy of your language test report. Request that official from ETS (TOEFL) or IELTS to make the results be available electronically to the Telfer Graduate Office.
      • TOEFL institutional code is 0993.
  3. Add your two referees’ contact information in the Admission Portal checklist (uoZone). Your referees will receive an email from the University of Ottawa with a link to a recommendation form to be submitted virtually. The referees should be an employer or a professional contact. 

If you are having problems uploading your electronic documents, please contact the Telfer Graduate Office by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application deadline:

  • International: February 1
  • Canadians, permanent residents and Americans: May 15th 

The admission committee will begin reviewing complete applications as of September 1st. Offers of admission and admission scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis. We strongly encourage all our candidates to apply as early as possible to increase their chances of being considered for a scholarship. 

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Mandatory Admission Tests

The MHA program requires submission of successful completion certificates of the required Harvard Modules, or a competitive score in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination.  This is a mandatory requirement and cannot be waived.

Harvard Modules

A min. of 75% must be achieved to receive a successful completion certificate.

Harvard Mathematics for Management Online Module (Effective September 1st- August 30th, 2023)

Duration: 14 hours

Costs: ($45 USD)

Learning Objective: Review the key mathematics concepts that students should be familiar with in order to solve quantitative problems in the MBA and MHA curriculum. A secondary objective is to illustrate and teach students the Microsoft Excel functions and formulas that facilitate the application of these math concepts.

Harvard Management Communication Online Module (Effective September 1st- August 30th, 2023)

Duration: 20 hours

Costs: ($55 USD)

Learning Objective: The Management Communications Online Course provides students with the skills and guided practice necessary to master fundamental concepts in business communication, including planning, writing, and presenting. Students learn how to manage and lead more effectively by organizing and executing successful business communication strategies.



An overall score of at least the 50th percentile is required with a minimum of the 45th percentile in verbal and quantitative.  

GRE (General Test)

A minimum overall score of 310 with at least the 45th percentile in verbal and 40th in quantitative. N.B. GRE Subject Tests will not be accepted.

GMAT & GRE Tools

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English proficiency is mandatory

All Telfer MHA candidates whose first language is neither English nor French must submit to the Telfer Graduate Office one of the following to demonstrate their proficiency in English:

  • Proof of completion within the last five years, of a previous degree program in an English language university.
  • Proof of recent prolonged residence and exercise of a profession in an English speaking
    country (normally at least four years over the last six years)
  • A score of at least 100 (Internet-based) or 250 (computer-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • A score of at least 7 in at least three of the four Academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking) and at least 6 in the fourth. The General Training IELTS test is not accepted.
  • A score of at least 68 on the Pearson Test of English (Academic) (PTE Academic)

With respect to test scores, they cannot be more than two years old as of September 1 of the year of potential entry into the Telfer MHA.

Math Background and Computer Skills

To take full advantage of the Telfer MHA, you must enjoy a fundamental understanding of mathematics and possess a wide range of basic computer skills.

Solid math background

The quantitative content of some of the MBA and MHA courses requires that all students have a well-developed capability in mathematics. To assist in updating and upgrading student capabilities in this area, an on-line series of modules (titled MBA Essentials) is a required experience for all incoming students. Students will be required to complete Business Math Boot Camp, Statistics Essentials, Finance Essentials 1 and 2, and Accounting Essentials prior to arrival at Introduction to the MBA and MHA Week. This requires between 20 and 27 hours of work on-line. The remainder of the modules can be completed “just-in-time” as students engage in the appropriate courses throughout the program. For some students, completion will represent a pleasant review and preparation for the individual courses. For others who may be more challenged by the quantitative courses, completion of each of these modules will represent a critical key to success in the program. For all students, completion of the modules ensures that everyone arrives in class with a common understanding of the appropriate concepts and common skills related to required functions at the beginning of each course. More...

Basic computer skills

During your studies, you will be required to conduct Internet research, make oral presentations and prepare memos and case- and data-analysis reports. As a result of this workload, time will be an extremely valuable commodity. It will be important for you to be able to use computer tools to assist you in your tasks, facilitate your work and make you more efficient.

As such, you should possess a number of basic computer skills before you start your Telfer MHA studies. These skills should enable you to use:

  • Word processing software such as Microsoft Word
  • Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel
  • Presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint

You should also be able to perform research via the Internet and be familiar with Internet browsers and search engines. And a laptop computer with wireless capabilities is highly recommended. Wireless access is available in the Desmarais Building. If you use a PC, you will need the Windows XP Pro or Vista Business operating systems to connect to our network. “Home” versions of these operating systems do not enable you to connect to our network.

Exemptions, Retained Credits and Advanced Standing

There are three ways you may be eligible to receive exemptions, retain credits and qualify for advanced standing:

  • If you completed graduate courses in management as a regular student in a University of Ottawa interdisciplinary program in which the Telfer School of Management is involved.
  • If you completed graduate courses in management as a regular student in an MBA program at a Canadian university.
  • If you completed graduate courses in management as a regular student of an MBA program accredited by the American Association of Colleges and Schools of Business, the Association of MBAs or EQUIS—the European Quality Improvement System.

No more than 24 credits

Twenty-four is the maximum number of credits that can be granted to you by way of exemptions, retained credits and advanced standing. All students must complete a minimum of 30 credits from MBA or health administration courses to earn the Telfer MHA degree.

At least a B grade in courses completed fewer than five years ago

You will receive no exemptions, retain no credits and not qualify for advanced standing for courses you completed more than five years ago or for courses in which your grade was lower than B (70 percent).

5000-level MBA courses only

You may retain credits and qualify for advanced standing based on your performance in 5000-level MBA courses only.

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