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The University of Ottawa is part of the Ontario postsecondary system. It became a public university on July 1, 1965 with enactment by the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario (Canada) of the University of Ottawa Act, 1965.  Degree programs in business at the University of Ottawa are offered by the Telfer School of Management.  Read more ›

Rachel Champagne - Mobility Scholarship Recipient

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“People always use the expression that travel changes you, but travelling didn’t change who I am, it made me grow and understand who I am.” Rachel Champagne is a fourth year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in International Management at the Telfer School of Management. Having had few opportunities for traveling while growing up, Rachel was attracted to the international aspect of the International Management stream and in the fall of 2017, completed one semester of her studies in Aarhus, Denmark.  After visiting 11 countries throughout Europe, Rachel not only learned a lot about herself, but also was able to understand the cultures of others. Donations such as yours allowed Rachel the opportunity to develop herself and further advance her career aspirations.  Read more ›

2018 CASCO Gala

 |  Category: Community Engagement

The 19th annual CASCO Gala took place on Monday November 26th  at the Infinity Centre to a sold out crowd. This year, They were able to raise their largest total in CASCO history with a sum of $71,000.00. For more information about CASCO and the 19th edition of their gala, click on the links below:  Read more ›

MBA and MHA students

 |  Category: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Have you been considering pursuing a Telfer MBA or MHA degree? The Telfer School of Management is holding an information session for each Masters program this month. If you would like to learn more about the programs, attend an upcoming session to interact with professors and ask one-on-one questions about the program.  Read more ›

Lead a Legacy - Debbie Fischer

 |  Category: Appointments and Honours

That’s not a typo. As an experienced healthcare executive, I’ve always had a strong commitment to improve healthcare delivery at organizational and system levels—to lead a legacy today rather than leave one tomorrow. My career has been a continuing effort to live up to this commitment. I’ve engaged not only in healthcare transformation, but also in human resources planning, organizational culture, system partnerships and other matters that underpin the business of healthcare delivery. On top of that, I teach leadership development programs, mentor current and budding healthcare professionals, and work with healthcare professionals to make their organizations increasingly efficient, resilient and successful in delivering better outcomes for patients.  Read more ›

Widen Your Circle - Deanna Monaghan

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I liken success to an ever-widening circle. Opening yourself to a range of experiences expands your knowledge and empathy. When these qualities grow, you not only advance personally and professionally, but also help others flourish. I first realized this truth while a student at the Telfer School. The school was a stimulating academic environment that I made even richer by taking advantage of learning opportunities outside my classrooms and lecture halls. I played basketball for uOttawa, joined the business consultancy group on campus, and continued to look for other ways to widen my circle of experience.  Read more ›

Apply Now: Become CEO for 1 Day

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CEOx1Day is on the Hunt for Canada’s Top Students!  Read more ›

Telfer Workshop Initiative

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Offered free of charge during the school year (October – June), this initiative is organized in collaboration with our School’s dynamic professors, our current Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) students and alumni, our industry partners, and our Student Services Centre. The workshops have been designed to complement students’ curriculum, while allowing them to experience a taste of university studies. Read more ›

Marisha Sesto - Rising Star

 |  Category: Rising Stars

Name: Marisha Sesto  Program (and Option, if applicable): Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, with Coop  Year: 4th Year  Fun fact: I have a twin brother… who loves marketing almost as much as I do! Link to Linkedin profile (optional):  Read more ›

Photos of Telfer Students Showing Pride at Panda Game

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Show your school pride and we might send you to the 50th Panda Game between the @uottawageegees and the Carleton Ravens. Here's how to win: 1. Post a picture of yourself and another Telfer student on Instagram wearing Telfer gear or showing school pride. 2. Use the hashtags #telfernation & #geegeesnation and tag the Telfer friend you would take with you. Hurry up, contest ends September 25th at 4 pm. *Contest open to all current Telfer students. Student ID required when claiming prize.  Read more ›

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