University Research Chair in Enduring Entrepreneurship - renewed

2022-2027 (previous term 2017-2022)

Peter Jaskiewicz, Full Professor, is the holder of this Chair. He will use the chair to develop empirical models on how family businesses thrive (or decline) over a generation. He will also develop policy recommendations that will help family firms with their entrepreneurial spirit and thereby revitalise their products and services, improving their chances to survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace over time.

Father Edgar-Thivierge Chair in Business History


Cheryl  McWatters is the holder of this Chair that was created to provide students with historical understanding of the world they will face as business leaders. Her research is particularly interested in the impact of economic, social, cultural and technological changes, mercantilist networks, globalisation and the influence of milieu.

Canada Research Chair Tier 1 - Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship


Ana María Peredo is a Canada Research Chair tier 1 and Full Professor of Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship at the Telfer School of Management. Dr. Peredo’s work has contributed to understanding the ways communities can address poverty by constructing rewarding and sustainable livelihoods out of resources in their distinctive cultures and environments. She draws on her academic training in Anthropology and Management and extensive experience in the Andes of her native Peru to explore alternative economies and their impact on the social and environmental aspects of community.  Ana Maria has published several seminal pieces on community-based enterprises, Indigenous entrepreneurship, social enterprises, and solidarity economy.

Desmarais Chair in Entrepreneurship


Madeline Toubiana is Associate Professor and the Desmarais Chair in Entrepreneurship. Her research program has been focused broadly on what stalls and supports social change and innovation. More specifically, she examines the role of emotions, entrepreneurship, institutional processes, and stigmatization in influencing the dynamics of social change. Her most recent work has begun to explore the role of entrepreneurship in supporting destigmatization and social change for individuals facing extreme stigma and discrimination.

Ian Telfer Professor of Workplace Psychology - renewed

2020-2025 (previous term 2015-2020)

Silvia Bonaccio's research agenda is focused on advancing research, education programs and outreach with the community in the areas of psychology applied to workplace dynamics. Professor Bonaccio has a longstanding research interest in employee selection, and judgment and decision-making at work. She also conducts research on the participation and the experience of people with disabilities in the workplace.

Ian Telfer Professor of Organization Studies - renewed

2021-2026 (previous term 2016-2021)

Samia Chreim's research focuses on the multi-level dynamics of change, co-leadership and identity. She has a special interest in role identities and practices and how these evolve over time through collaboration or due to organizational and institutional changes. She has researched these topics in a variety of for-profit contexts (including entrepreneurial firms) and not-for-profit contexts (including the health care field).

RBC Financial Group Professor in the Commercialization of Innovation


Mark Freel is an accomplished researcher who has undertaken different research projects on behalf of European regional, national and supra-national government bodies. His current research is concerned with innovation policy and practice in relation to small and medium sized firms, and with the role of universities in innovation ecosystems.

Endowed Professorship in Gender and Inclusive Systems


Charlotte Karam's work as a scholar-activist contributes to overlapping conversations in inclusive HR systems, business ethics, public policy, and feminist praxis. Through a MEPI grant, she led the development of The KIP Index, the first MENA sector-based measure of women’s recruitment, retention, and promotion. In 2021, she launched The SAWI Project, focused on mobilizing employers to engage in localized strategies for women-inclusive HR systems.

Ian Telfer Professor of Workplace Behaviour and Health - renewed

2020-2025 (previous term 2015-2020)

Laurent Lapierre: Using the theories and tools developed in the fields of organizational behavior and human resources management, Professor Lapierre’s research focuses on work-family balance and on leadership where he studies the influence that followers can have on leaders.

Endowed Professor of Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability - renewed

2020-2025 (previous term 2015-2020)

Daina Mazutis: Her studies recognize environmental and social issues as critical strategic issues that require a broader understanding of business’s role in society. Her current research focuses on CEO characteristics, the adoption of CSR initiatives and the development of leadership traits in business programs. 

Paul Desmarais Professorship in Family Business


The Professorship, held by Professor Evelyn Micelotta, will be used to advance knowledge about family business firms. Research projects will be conducted that explore the role that organizational and family values play in the internationalization strategies of family firms and how family CEO perceive and respond to stakeholders claims.

RBC Financial Group Professor in Finance


Professor Fabio Moneta’s research focuses on two main areas. The first concentrates on institutional investors, especially mutual funds, and studies their performance and trading behavior. The second research area is related to the study of the risk premium in different financial markets such as fixed income, foreign exchange, and commodity markets.

Telfer Research Fellowship - 2021-2023

Walid Ben-Amar's research interests include corporate governance, ownership structures, mergers and acquisitions and corporate disclosure strategies. He has also presented his research findings at numerous conferences in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Agnes Grudniewicz's research is focused on primary and community care and aims to improve health care systems and services for patients with complex health and social needs. She also studies health system improvement for older adults, individuals living with mental illness, and people with multiple chronic conditions.

Mirou Jaana's research streams, which evolved at the intersection of Health Informatics and Health Care Management, include: Evaluation of telehealth applications adoption and impacts; IT innovation and assessment in health care organizations; Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) implementation; and Digital health and seniors.

Ajax Persaud's research focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Dr. Persaud received several nominations and awards for teaching and research excellence. He has provided management consulting services to small and medium companies and community organizations in Canada and the Caribbean.

Telfer Teaching Fellowship - 2021-2023

Miwako Nitani has taught courses in statistics, equity valuation, and international financial management. She has contributed to policy-related research projects for Industry Canada and Export Development Canada, including: work related to the parliamentary review of the Business Development Bank of Canada and research that examines risk of loans in the Canada Small Business Financing Program.

Umar Ruhi teaches various undergraduate (B.Com) and graduate (MBA) courses in Information Systems and Digital Enterprise Strategy. Additionally, he teaches in the University’s interdisciplinary M.Sc. and PhD programs in E-Business Technologies. Most of his courses consist of an integration of themes and topics related to business strategy and technology applications.

CPA Ontario Accounting Fellow - renewed

2020-2025 (previous term 2016-2020)

Qiu Chen's her research projects examine accounting issues in the not-for-profit sector, market reactions to accounting disclosures, the economic implications of adopting the International Financial Reporting Standards, the role of accounting information in decision making, small business debt financing, auditing, and accounting history.

CPA Ontario Accounting Fellow


Lamia Chourou's research focuses on financial accounting, executive compensation, fair value accounting, earnings quality, and corporate governance. Currently, she is working on how economic policy uncertainty influences, among other factors, analyst forecasts and corporate social responsibility.

Telfer Excellence Fellow


Shujun Ding's main research interests include judgment and decision-making in accounting contexts, corporate governance, family business, and accounting and finance issues in small business and non-profit organizations. He is currently working with the CPA-Canada Accounting and Governance Research Centre on several projects involving privately held firms.: Associate Professor in accounting, as Telfer Excellence Fellow. This fellowship is awarded for excellence in teaching and research; promotion of the dialogue between the University and the business community through lectures, high quality publications, media relations and the Telfer School of Management’s website.

Logan Katz Fellow - renewed

2022-2027 (previous term 2017-2022)

Professor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has been appointed as the Logan Katz Fellow for his longstanding service to the accounting program and excellence in research and teaching. He has worked as an auditor in an accounting firm before he started his academic career. 

Ian Telfer Fellow in Global Finance - renewed

2022-2025 (previous term 2019-2022)

This research fellowship will help Dr. Shantanu Dutta (an Associate Professor at the Telfer School) to pursue research studies in the context of global financial markets and practices. In particular, his research will focus in the areas of global corporate governance practices, insider trading and private meeting between investors and management. His research outcome is likely to benefit the investors, managers and policy-makers alike – through a better understanding of global financial practices.

Ian Telfer Fellowship of Workplace Wellbeing - renewed

2022-2025 (previous term 2019-2022)

Jane O’Reilly is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour and was awarded the Ian Telfer Fellowship of Workplace Wellbeing. The research activities under this fellowship all seek to better understand the facilitators and barriers to promoting employee psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. Professor O’Reilly is particularly interested in how workplace relationships and social interactions influence well-being. Her most current research investigates social mistreatment as an impediment to workplace well-being, and the experiences of employees living with mental illness.

Monfort Research Chair in the Organization of Health Services


François Durand, Associate Professor, is the holder of this Chair. The research activities under this new Chair all respond to the question “how can collaboration be improved in a way that optimizes health services?” Professor Durand is particularly interested in what helps people collaborate: their personality traits, their motivation, and situational factors. His work also looks at the processes that foster interdependence and interdisciplinary, as well as how teams manage change projects.

Deloitte Professors in the Management of Growth Enterprises


Professors Barbara Orser and Allan Riding hold the Deloitte Professors in the Management of Growth Enterprises. Professor Orser is conducting research on small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) growth, including entrepreneurial decision-making, gender influences, internationalization of SMEs, and public policy. Professor Riding’s research interests include bank financing, loan-guarantee programs, business angels, and venture capital.

Paul Desmarais Professorship of International Entrepreneurship and Marketing - renewed


David Crick: His research is primarily concerned with start-up firms with limited resources and that possess an evolving business model, of which internationalization processes and the support requirements of entrepreneurs are a core aspect. This research takes a holistic approach regarding entrepreneurial strategies in internationalizing firms, including the notion of ‘serendipity’ in unplanned versus planned market ventures.