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Healthier Consumption Research Unit

The Healthier Consumption Research Unit (HCRU) focuses on scholarly and applied research to support healthier consumption decisions. Aligned with the WHO’s definition of health, we define healthy consumption as choices that improve physical, mental and social well-being.

What we do

We advance healthier consumption habits among Canadian consumers providing insights and practical strategies to help individuals enhance their overall health through informed consumption. Our research explores how consumption choices affect physical and mental health, both short and long term. We use our findings to advocate responsible choice architecture, encouraging businesses and organizations to create environments that support healthy decision-making.


Principal co-ordinator

Keri Kettle

Financial Decision-Making, Goal Pursuit and Motivation
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Kettle, Keri

Steering Committee

Leila Hamzaoui Essoussi

Organic Food and Healthy Consumption
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Hamzaoui Essoussi, Leila

Raymond Lavoie

Consumer Flow
view profile
Lavoie, Raymond


Pavel Andreev

Digital Technology Adoption, Healthcare Delivery
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Andreev, Pavel

Myriam Brouard

Digital Consumption
view profile
Brouard, Myriam

Jennifer Dimoff

Physical and Mental Health in the Workplace
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Dimoff, Jennifer

Magda Donia

Group Work and Interpersonal Relations
view profile
Donia, Magda

Lance Ferris

Autonomy, Self-Determination
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Ferris, Lance

Darlene Himick

Financial Literacy
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Himick, Darlene

Mariam Humayun

Digital vs. Analog Consumption
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Humayun, Mariam

Argiro Kliamenakis

Goal Pursuit and Motivation
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Kliamenakis, Argiro

Lysanne Lessard

Telehealth Services, Digital Services
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Lessard, Lysanne

Michael Mulvey

Health Care
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Mulvey, Michael

Jane O'Reilly

Interpersonal Relations
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O'Reilly, Jane

Errol Osecki

Financial Literacy
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Osecki, Errol

Umar Ruhi

Social Media Addiction, Mobile Health Applications
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Ruhi, Umar

Graduate students

Parker Hamilton
MSc Project
Avery Hughes
MSC Thesis
Vanessa Tinlin
MSc Thesis

Current projects

  • Defining Financial Fitness
  • Why Do People Underpredict Their Future Spending?
  • “I Am” versus “I Do”
  • Identity-Based Autonomy

Research partners

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crossfit ncr
wounded warriors

Funding and Key Publications



HCRU Annual Research Camp (October 4, 2024) (link to be generated) 

Partner with us for impact

Partner with HCRU to create responsible consumption environments. To explore partnership opportunities, email Keri Kettle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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