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Date Student Title Supervisors
2017-02-17 Maryam Zakeri A Simulation Approach for Capacity Planning in an Open Community Care Network
2016-12-20 Robin Hebert Initiation of In-hospital CPR: An Examination of Nursing Behaviour within Their Scope of Practice
2016-12-09 Sarah Simkin End-of-career practice patterns of primary care physicians in Ontario
  • Bourgeault, Ivy
  • Dahrouge, Simone
2016-12-09 Ahsan Hadi Requirements Engineering of an Online Asset Mapping Tool for Disaster Preparedness
2016-11-02 Caitlin Champion A Systems Analysis Approach to Colorectal Cancer Screening Access in the Northwest Territories.
  • Kuziemsky, Craig
  • Alvarez, Gonzalo
2016-10-31 Karolina Kaminska Applying the RE-AIM Model to Asset-based Community Health Interventions: A Multiple Case Study in Tower Hamlets, London, UK
2016-07-26 Caroline Chamberland Obstacles and Enablers to the Professional Development of Skilled Birth Attendants: A Case Study of the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit on the Thailand-Myanmar Border
  • Bourgeault, Ivy
2015-11-25 Zeina Al Awar Using HIT to support informal caregivers of cancer patients at home: A needs assessment
  • Kuziemsky, Craig
2015-09-24 Amine Montezari Developing a Pathologists' Monthly Assignment Schedule: A Case Study at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of The Ottawa Hospital
2015-09-10 Shirin Gerenmayeh Optimizing Surgical Scheduling
2015-04-02 Emily Rowland The Influences of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Microsystem on Mothers' Experiences
2015-03-03 Shannon Tracey Organizational Resilience Indicators Based on a Salutogenic Orientation
2014-12-18 Sarah Asad The Role of Peer Support Providers in Inter-Professional Mental Health Care Teams
2014-12-09 Jessica Scott Perceived Barriers to the Use of Electronic Health Records for Infectious Disease Surveillance in Canada
  • Kuziemsky, Craig
  • Deonandan, Raywat
2014-12-01 Michael Falconi Awareness and Motivation in Collaborative Practice for Disaster Management
  • Kuziemsky, Craig
  • O'Sullivan, Tracey
2014-10-29 Ioana Arbone Testing the Cultural Cognition Hypothesis in a Canadian Undergraduate Student Population
2014-10-01 Sarah Newell Building an Ontology of Community Resilience to a Disaster
2014-06-17 Hadeel Al-Yacoob Cost-effectiveness of Combining MRI with Mammography for Breast-cancer Screening among High-risk Population in Ottawa
2014-02-11 Elizabeth Gagnon Right people, right place, right time: Exploring the creation of synergy within the EnRiCH-Québec City partnership
2013-12-13 Javier Fiallos A Model for Performance Evaluation of Pediatric Emergency Physicians
2013-12-09 Asha Gajaria Alignment of Patient and Provider Views in Health Care Intervention Programs: A Study of the Centre for Healthy Active Living at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
2013-12-03 Vicki Sabourin Evaluation of the process used to recruit registered nurses at Hôpital Montfort: a case study
2013-11-05 Suman Deep Kaur A Comparative Analysis of Post-market Surveillance of Natural Health Products (NHP)
2013-04-25 Jennifer McKenzie Change and Integration in Senior Health Care Systems: The Case of Sault Ste. Marie
2012-12-05 Alex Cornett Identifying Communication Precursors to Medical Error in an In-Patient Clinical Environment: A Palliative Sedation Therapy Case Study
  • Kuziemsky, Craig
2012-11-23 Andrea Ghazzawi Navigating the Stroke Rehabilitation System: A Family Caregiver's Perspective
  • Kuziemsky, Craig
  • O'Sullivan, Tracey
2012-11-23 Emmanuel Kabura Problems of therapeutic choice: Multi-criteria application in the case of atrial fibrillation
2012-10-24 Kate MacNaughton The Dynamics of Role Construction in Interprofessional Primary Health Care Teams
2012-10-11 Seyed A. Izad Shenas Predicting High-Cost Patients in General Population Using Data Mining Techniques
2012-09-19 Christine Fahim Exploring the Supports Available for Health and Social Service Providers Responding to the Disaster in Haiti
2012-09-07 Anisa Aubin Capacity Allocation for Emergency Surgical Scheduling with Multiple Priority Levels
2012-06-29 Marie-Andrée Cadieux Comprehensiveness of the RUG-III Grouping Methodology in Addressing the Needs of People with Dementia in Long-Term Care
2012-06-28 Geneviève Prud'homme Neighbourhood Characteristics and Preventable Hospitalisations in a Predominantly Urban Canadian City (Ottawa)
2011-04-06 Alejandra Jaramillo Priority Setting: A Method that Incorporates a Health Equity Lens and the Social Determinants of Health into the Process
  • Bégin, Monique
  • Tugwell, Peter
2010-11-04 Anne Brasset-Latulippe A Model of Continuity of Care in the Context of Women's Mental Health: An Exploratory Study of an Interprofessional Team Approach to Eating Disorders
  • Kuziemsky, Craig
2010-11-01 Saunya Dover Emergency Department Use: Why Do Patients Choose the Emergency Department for Medical Care and How Much Does It Really Cost?

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