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Enrolment and Regulations

uoZone – Online Enrolment Procedures

The enrolment tool is accessible through uoZone. For further details, view the online tutorial.

You should then consult uoZone to confirm your enrolment and your statement of account.

It is important that your email and mailing addresses are up-to-date. If there have been changes since the time of your application, please make the necessary updates through uoZone.

uoZone does not permit students to change their classification (full-time/part-time), drop core courses, or enrol to a course that normally requires approval (such as Directed Readings or an elective from another faculty); such changes can only be made by the Telfer Graduate Office.  

Please view the Important dates and deadlines online for further information.

Conditions of Enrolment

You may be subject to conditions of enrolment (indicated on your Certificate of Admission) that must be satisfied prior to enrolment. We urge you to do so promptly to avoid any delays and related late enrolment fees.

Program Regulations

Minimum Standards

The minimum passing grade in all courses taken as part of the program is 65 to 69 per cent (C+). Students who incur failures in 2 courses (equivalent to 6 units) or whose thesis proposal is rejected twice (NS grade) must withdraw.

Deferred Exam

Justification of absence from an examination (mid-term, final, or deferred), a test, or late submission of assignments.

Absence from any examination or test, or late submission of assignments on medical grounds or due to exceptional personal circumstances, must be reported by submitting the online Declaration of Absence from an Evaluation form within five (5) working days of the examination date or the assignment deadline, except if extenuating circumstances prevent the student from doing so; these circumstances must be documented.

Students can request a maximum of one (1) deferred evaluation per course, and this evaluation must take place as soon as possible, within six (6) months of the end of the term. Evaluation for graduate students must occur as soon as possible, within three (3) months of the end of the term.

Exam Regulations

Please consult the evaluation of the Student Learning section of the academic regulations and related sections regarding the grading system.

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