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Learning Goals

  • 01.

    Depth and breadth of knowledge

    Evaluate academic or practitioner research in their management concentration to determine its value to management scholarship and practice.   

  • 02.

    Research and scholarship

    Select a research design and/or analytical technique applicable to their management concentration to address a specific research question.  

  • 03.

    Level of application of knowledge

    Develop a concept in their management concentration by comparing, critiquing, and/or integrating relevant literatures to enhance its impact. (Thesis option only) 

    Contrast concepts, approaches, or techniques in their management concentration to formulate practical solutions. (Research project options only) 

  • 04.

    Professional capacity/autonomy

    Make ethical decisions by recognizing ethical dilemmas in the conduct or application of research in their management concentration. 

    Identify unique contextual factors by consulting applicable resources to apply their management concentration’s concepts to a specific problem. 

  • 05.

    Level of communication skills

    Communicate ideas, issues, and conclusions using practices and terminology expected in their management concentration and more broadly in business/management settings to mobilize knowledge. 

  • 06.

    Awareness of limits of knowledge 

    Explore alternative perspectives to address specific questions in their management concentration. 

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