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Tuition Fees

Fees for Canadian students

The tuition fees for the MSc in Management for Canadian students and students who are permanent residents in Canada are about $3,200 per term.

Fees for international student

The tuition fees of our program for international students are roughly $11,300 per term.

French-speaking international may qualify for differential fee waiver

International students in our program can reduce their tuition fees substantially by taking advantage of the differential tuition fee exemption. This exemption applies to international students who register for a full-time course load and who received a secondary or post-secondary diploma in French. Learn more about this valuable exemption from the University fees website.

Please consult the University of Ottawa Website for complete details about tuition fees.

Scholarships, Grants, and Funding:

Learn more about the opportunities for financial support including our scholarships, grants and financing options.

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