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Research Questions

Contribute to a better Canada with your Master of Science in Management. Whether you’re in the one-year research project, the research project with co-op, or the two-year thesis, your research question determines the focus of your program, and the impact you can make towards a greener, healthier, happier, and wealthier world. Work with an experienced supervisor to help guide you to solve a tangible problem over the course of your program. See the list of examples below for inspiration to create the research question that you would like to answer. 

Examples of research questions: 

  • Social impacts of large projects 
    What is the role of accounting in assessing social impacts of large mega-projects?
  • Financial and legal accountability regarding a crisis like COVID-19 
    How do financial accountability and legal accountability work to hold organizations to account during crisis like Covid-19?
  • Adaptation to new regulations and technology environments 
    How do auditors adapt to a new regulation/technology environment (e.g., sustainability disclosures, AI technology development)?
  • The role of conventional accounting tools in the COVID-19 era 
    Is Just In Time (JIT) still relevant and effective given the global supply chain disruption?

  • Analytics-powered management in the modern era
    How can analytics revolutionize business strategies in operations, logistics, service, and risk management?  
  • The power and risks of analyticsd risk of analytics
    How can modern analytics methodologies be co-developed with stakeholders to enhance real-world systems?
  • Harness artificial intelligence (AI) in managerial decision-making
    How can managers support the data collection required to build artificial intelligence models and use them to automate decision-making? 
  • The power and risks of analytics
    What are the risks of analytics to minority groups and how do weto balance efficiency and fairness in analytics? 

  • Francophone Canadian Entrepreneurship 
    How can we foster the economic development and social inclusion of Francophone entrepreneurs in minority situations?  
  • Entrepreneurship and Indigenous Entrepreneurs 
    How can we help indigenous entrepreneurs succeed?  
  • Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship 
    Who are the forgotten or ignored entrepreneurs in society? What can they teach us about social innovation and entrepreneurship?  
  • Family Business Governance 
    How can next-generation members be effectively integrated into the family business over time? 

  • Corporate social responsibility and firm value 
    How do social/environmental events impact firm value, risk, and operating performance?     
  • Fintech and the digital transformation of financial services 
    How can the banking industry respond to the threat of disruption?     
  • ESG practices, investments, and performance metrics 
    What are firms disclosing about their ESG practices? How do investors use that information and what are the metrics for ESG performance tracking?

  • Happiness or Unhappiness in Innovation Firms 
    Are people happy or unhappy in innovative firms? 
  • Innovation and Inclusivity 
    How can organizations ensure they are being innovative while also being inclusive? 
  • Sustainability Conversations on Social Media & Food 
    How many people are talking about sustainability in social media in the context of food?  
  • Scalability and New Enterprises 
    How does scalability impact the success of new digital enterprises? 

  • Healthier
    How do the words people use to express identities shape their mental and physical health?
  • Wealthier 
    How can apps improve spending and debt repayment decisions?
  • Happier
    How does travel enhance the quality of life among for retired adults?
  • Greener
    How can we nudge people towards consuming in-season, locally-sourced foods?

  • Collaboration and performance 
    How do individuals and group dynamics affect the relationship between collaboration and team performance?  
  • Social relationships and well-being 
    How do our interactions and relationships with people at work impact our health and well-being? 
  • Managerial leadership and employee mental health 
    How can managers best support their employees’ mental health?    
  • Diversity and Inclusion 
    How can organizations facilitate positive work experiences for employees living with disabilities?   

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