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Master of Science in Management
Research Project with Co-op

The research project-based MSc in Management with co-op gives you the tools, knowledge and experience in evidence-based management and applied research to make your resume stand out as an expert in your desired concentration. Build your professional network and gain access to the Canadian job market in only 20 months.

Program Overview 

The MSc in Management with research-project and co-op combines the best of academic and practical learnings as it allows domestic and international students to gain relevant work experience during their graduate degree. This program allows you to delve into a business or management challenge in your chosen concentration - Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Innovation Management and Organizational Behaviour and Human resources (OBHR) - and work in an organization to put your learnings into practice. If you are an international student, this program is a great opportunity to apply for a work permit and to gain Canadian work experience. 

In addition to your research project and co-op placement, you take part in several learning opportunities such as the Telfer Research Seminar Series, conferences, networking events, and many more. 

In the first two terms of your programs (8 months), you earn a mix of core and elective units in your area of concentration. During your first semester, you will seek your admission to the co-op program, then in the second semester, you will go through the placement process to find your employer with whom you'll start working in the summer term of year one. Note that if you are an international student, you will also need to apply for your co-op work permit in the first semester of the program in order to be eligible to work in Canada. Your co-op placements will take place in the summer term of year one and the fall term of year two. In the winter term of year two, you take two MGT electives and choose your topic and scope for your research project. Finally, you complete your research project in the last summer term of year two. The research project itself is evaluated by your concentration supervisor and can either be aimed at providing practical insights into a specific problem through theoretical literature review or through empirical research with primary and secondary data to answer a research question.  

Once you complete your research project, your concentration supervisor evaluates your project for you to graduate from the program. 

Program Requirements

You must complete 30 units (eight 3-unit courses and 6-unit research project). Depending on your concentration, you have mandatory and elective courses to choose from throughout your program. View the course sequence for the program in AccountingEntrepreneurshipFinanceInnovation Management, and Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources (OBHR).  

You must successfully complete two co-op terms. Your co-op placements are evaluated (pass/fail) by your employer and co-op office. 

The minimum passing grade in all courses taken as part of the program is C+. Students who fail two courses (equivalent to six units) or whose thesis proposal is rejected twice (only applicable to those enrolled in the thesis-based option) or who does not attend the minimum number of MGT 6991 seminars must withdraw.  

You must attend a minimum of four seminars in the Telfer Research Seminar Series. 

Your research project topic must be approved by the Telfer faculty member(s) responsible for coordinating research projects in your area of concentration. Your research project is evaluated (pass/fail) by the same faculty member(s). 

You can complete the MSc MGT with the research project and co-op option in approximately 5 terms or 20 months. The maximum time allowed for completion of this option is three years. 

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