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Fall 2019


ADM4396 Section A

Selected Issues in Global Marketing with Applications to the Luxury and Private Banking Sector

A 4-day intensive course offered from October 15th to October 18th

Multinationals and small firms as well have responded to the challenge created by these unmatched opportunities by boldly entering new markets either by themselves or through alliances and other cooperative arrangements with foreign partners. At this stage, firms may enter foreign markets with a large variety of options and expand worldwide through the simultaneous operationalization of foreign, multinational, regional and global marketing strategies. The first task in this course will be to draw the distinctions between these internalization modes, and then to evaluate under which conditions these modes may be appropriate to the firm depending on its profile, constraints and objectives. The second one will be to analyze how marketing strategies must be adapted accordingly. Although a variety of business sectors will be covered in these cases and in the lectures, global luxury marketing will be more specifically addressed. Strategies of firms such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Rolex and Pathek Phillippe will be discussed as well as strategies in the «luxury» private banking sector to high net worth individuals worldwide.

Attendance to this course is compulsory every day and some advanced reading is required before the first day of class.

This course is not recommended for students that plan to take ADM 4328/4728.

This course will be taught by Dr. Jean-Emile Denis, Professor Emeritus, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Professor Denis has lectured in many countries, notably the United States, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Algeria, Tunisia, Norway, France and Switzerland and for several years in the Executive MBA program in Wealth Management of the Swiss Banking School. He is author and co-author of four books and has published numerous articles in academic and professional journals, including The Journal of International Business Studies, The International Marketing Review, and The Journal of World Trade Law.  He has been a consultant in international marketing to several public and private agencies in Canada, and for Geneva-based international trade and development organizations. His professional activities have given him the opportunity to teach, research, advise and trade in more than forty countries.

Please consult the Student Services Centre if you wish to receive the course outline at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The deadline to enroll to this course is October 11, 2019. If you require assistance with your enrolment, please contact the Student Services Centre.


ADM 3396 A, Entrepreneurship Foundry (Stephen Daze)

The Entrepreneurship Foundry Course will focus on helping students move through the discovery and planning stages of starting a company to launching an actual venture in a structured, for-credit learning environment. The course is very experiential in nature with a start up being an encouraged and very possible outcome.

A typical session may include a brief lecture, or expert talk, plus time to work on your venture with expert resources guiding you through the process. In addition, frequent team pitches will provide feedback for you and the evaluation team on relative progress to date. 

The course is open to all Faculties and students will have the option to either:

  1.  Pitch an idea and build a team around their concept; or,
  2. Enter the course simply willing to contribute as a team member to another business concept.

To be accepted into the Entrepreneurship Foundry Course, you must:

1. Submit a two page summary to Mr. Stephen Daze (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) that includes:  

A) Cover page Indicating:

  • Faculty of study
  • Whether and which Entrepreneurship Courses or training you have taken previously
  • Are you bringing an idea into the course? (not mandatory) If so, provide a one sentence summary of the Idea.

B) Background and Experience - focus on entrepreneurial activities that you have led or participated in, or related activities.

C) Explanation of why you want to take this course - help us to understand that you are more than just "interested" in the course or that it fits your calendar!

D) Summary of what you will bring to the course (ideas, skills, experiences etc.) that will be valuable to the team and course.      

2. Attach your Resume.


Winter 2020

ADM 3396 N, Financial Modelling

This course studies applications in MS Excel in corporate finance and investments. Using spreadsheets and functions problems are configured and solved in MS excel on topics such as Time value of money, NPV analysis, Valuation, Cost of capital, Corporate Financial Planning, Risk and Return, CAPM, Optimization, Option pricing. In addition, students will use econometric software (e.g. Stata) to learn multiple regression techniques in finance, multi-factor models, and event study methodology. The course relies on a combination of short lectures, excel problems, ‘Stata’ analysis, online tutorials and student projects.  Students will be expected to be able to demonstrate their competence in this course through tests, class discussions, trading simulation and projects.


ADM 4396 M, Personal Development and Leadership (Matt Archibald)

This facilitator-driven seminar introduces students to important aspects related to personal and leadership development and will broaden students’ awareness in topics related to career development, leadership skills, self and balance, and community involvement.  Thinking about what goals to set, how to map out a career plan, what it will take to be a business leader in the future, and how does one find balance in one’s life while looking to achieve long-term success as a business leader are just some of the topics that will be explored in this highly engaging Seminar.

Students must apply and be admitted to this course.

Applications will be accepted until October 1, 2019.


ADM 4396 N, Global Marketing and Innovation Strategy: Learning about and from China (Amy Karam)

Exploring globalization while providing a structure by which to analyze global expansion endeavours in a methodical and iterative manner ensures business. Emerging markets will be discussed as new markets with different customer needs as well as being the source of a new genre of competition who do business using different success factors. The intricate dynamic of ensuring your marketing strategy takes into consideration emerging competition in the region is emphasized. We use the 5Ps of Global Marketing Strategy Framework TM, which adds the essential 5th P – politics – in creating a successful competitive global expansion strategy for the new global economy.

The students will create a global expansion strategy for a company. Ideally, they will have sourced a real life company that wants to expand or the professor will assign a company case study. The students will work in groups on the case study and final assignment.

Presentations will be given each day, sharing a section of their strategy to date. The observing class members will evaluate the strategy and will provide feedback. The course will include lectures, group discussions, guest speakers, practical applications, and case studies.


ADM 4396 Q, Advising Family Businesses (Peter Jaskiewicz)

In this MBA-BCOM cross-listed course, students will examine some of the most salient issues facing family businesses from the perspective of a professional advisor.  Case studies and will be used to demonstrate how to address fundamental challenges facing family businesses (e.g. communication, governance and succession issues, family conflicts) with best practices. Moreover, guest speakers who are family business advisors or family business members will share their unique experiences relative to working with, or in, family businesses. The course will be highly interactive and student teams consisting of MBA and B.COM students will be encouraged to discuss how to best address the weaknesses of family firms while simultaneously building their strengths. 


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