The option in Business Technology Management is a bridge between business and information technology (IT) and provides you with an understanding of the use of IT to support, streamline, and improve organizational (business, government, non-profit) processes. It enables you to develop core competencies and skill sets in information systems and analytics, exposing you to strategic issues in technology management and best practices for planning, designing, and implementing IT solutions to enhance organizational performance.

The Honours BCom with option in Business Technology Management is available in CO-OP and French Immersion.

New Dual Options or Minors 

A few examples of options and minor combinations you can pursue in your degree: 

Dual Options 

  • Business Technology Management + Healthcare Analytics 
  • Business Technology Management + Finance 
  • Business Technology Management + Human Resources 

Business Option and Minor 

  • Business Technology Management + minor in Computer Science 
  • Business Technology Management + minor in Digital Humanities 
  • Business Technology Management + minor in Applied Ethics 

Sample Courses

Business Simulation Analytics, Business Data Mining, Emerging Topics in Management Information Systems, Systems Analysis, Development, and Performance, Predictive Analytics, Business Communication Networks, Digital Enterprise Systems and Strategies, Management and Implementation of Web Technologies in Organizations

Experiential Learning

Joining the Business Technology Association is a great way to learn about the tech industry and develop career skills through case competitions, networking events, panel events, and their member development program. 

Career Examples

Systems Analyst, Technical Consultant, Enterprise Systems Architect, IT Project or Change Manager, E-Business Manager, Analytics Consultant, Security Specialist, Systems Auditor, Management Consultant specializing in management information systems