The international management option provides you with an understanding of the opportunities within international businesses and enables you to develop your strategic decision-making skills. Courses focus on the global business environment, and the development and implementation of policies and strategies instituted by multi-national corporations and organizations. As part of this program, you must complete at least one study term abroad at one of our 60+ international partner institutions.   

The Honours BCom (option in International Management) is available in CO-OP and French immersion.

Possible Program Dual Options 

A few examples of options combinations you can pursue in your degree: 

Dual Options 

  • International Management + Marketing 
  • International Management + Finance 
  • International Management + Business Technology Management 

Sample Courses

Cross-Cultural Management, Multinational Business Policy, The Global Context of Business, Multinational Business Finance, International Marketing, Strategic Management in Developing and Emerging Economies, International Training and Development for Sustainability

Third Language and Culture Courses

ALG *, ARB *, ASI*, CHN *, CLT*, ELA*, ESP *, HBR *, ILA*, ITA *, JPN *, PLN*, POR *RUS*, YDD*, FRE 1732, FRE 1734, FRE 2510, FRE 2515, FRE 2520, FRE 2537, FRE 4585, GLO 49012/ GLO 49012

Courses for Students Interested in NGOs and International Development

You are encouraged to choose from among these courses as part of your out-of-faculty electives:

DVM2106            International Development: Contemporary Theories and Practices

DVM3140            International Development Funding

DVM3160            Introduction to International Development Projects

DVM4160            International Project Management

DVM4150            Social Economy and Local Development in Developing Countries

DVM4140            Private Enterprise and Development

International Exchange 

An international exchange is a requirement in the BCom International Management program option. More than 150 students from the Telfer School participate in an international exchange each year. Studying abroad at one of our 60+ partner institutions will provide you with an unforgettable social, cultural and academic experience.  

Experiential Learning

The Telfer International student club welcomes exchange students to the Telfer School and organizes networking events in Ottawa.


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Career Examples

International Management Consultant, Business Development Director, Corporate Executive 

A few examples of companies that hire International Management students: Export Development Canada, Deloitte, and Shopify.