Healthcare systems are undergoing unprecedented transformation fuelled by the digitization of services and investments in health information technologies. Our option in Healthcare Analytics is a field built on the crucial role that data, systems engineering, management, and organizational innovation play in improving the quality and timeliness of service delivery in a high performing healthcare system. This field answers a need to develop expertise to create the research and training capabilities required for transforming healthcare into a system that adheres to the principles of patient-centered care and participatory medicine.

Dual Options and Minors 

A few examples of options and minor combinations you can pursue in your degree: 

Dual Options 

  • Healthcare Analytics + Finance 
  • Healthcare Analytics + Management 
  • Healthcare Analytics + Business Technology Management 

Business Option and Minor 

  • Healthcare Analytics + minor in Health Sciences 
  • Healthcare Analytics + minor in Social Sciences of Health 
  • Healthcare Analytics + minor in Aging Studies 
  • Healthcare Analytics + minor in Sociology 

Sample Courses

Healthcare Informatics for Managers, Predictive Analytics: Business and Technology Forecasting, Healthcare Analytics Tools, Methods, and Approaches, Business Simulation Analytics, Business Data Mining, Applied Biostatistics, Introduction to Health Economics, Health Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches, Epidemiology

Experiential Learning

Get involved in the Business Healthcare Society at the University of Ottawa by attending their keynote speaker series, career fairs, conferences, and graduate program information sessions. 

Career Examples

Analytics or Technical Consultant, Systems or Data Analyst, Change Manager, Healthcare Administration Officer, Performance Advisor, Director of Partnerships and Engagement, Program Officer