Requirements for the Certificate Programs

In order to earn a certificate, the following requirements are compulsory:

  • Admission and registration in one of the certificate programs of the School;
  • Successful completion of each course of the program with a grade of D or over; and
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 in all courses of the program taken at the University of Ottawa.

Students enrolled in a baccalaureate program at the University will not receive the certificate for courses taken entirely within the baccalaureate even if they meet the requirements of the certificate program.

Professional Associations

It is the student's responsibility to verify that their program of studies (or degree) satisfy the accreditation requirements of the professional association to which they aspire.

Requirements Related to Courses

Course attendance

Attendance at courses of instruction, laboratory periods and discussion groups is mandatory. At the beginning of each term, the professor must indicate on the course outline his policy regarding absences and may exclude from the final examination any student who has not complied.

Reading Material

The School recognizes that, due to academic requirements, students may have to read English text for a course taught in French and vice versa.

Courses at the 4000 level

Courses at the 4000 level are reserved for:

  • BCom students who have completed at least 33 units from ADM core courses, including ADM 2381/2781;
  • Students completing a minor in Management;
  • Students in the certificate programs of the Telfer School when these courses are part of certificate requirements.
Activities Courses

Students are permitted to complete as many as nine (9) ADM elective units among the following activities: Directed Readings (ADM 4998/4999), Connexions Program (ADM 4904/4905), and Case Competitions (ADM 3993/3994/4994).  Moreover the following restrictions apply:

  • at most 6 units in Directed Readings (ADM 4998/4999);
  • at most 6 units of Connexions Program (ADM 4904/4905);
  • at most 9 units of Case Competition (ADM 3993/3994/4994).