Welcome to the Telfer School of Management, please refer to the guide below for step-by-step course enrolment instructions.

Step 1: Ensure that you have fulfilled, or are taking measures to fulfill, the admission conditions as indicated on your offer of admission (if applicable) within your first year of studies.

Step 2: Plan your course selection and schedule according to the course sequence on your program page.

Step 3: Refer to the Timetable for course availability and schedule.

Step 4: If you require assistance with your course selection, please contact the Student Services Centre to book an appointment with an Academic Specialist.

Step 5: Enrol for courses by logging on to uoZone and using the uoCampus online registration tool. Your uoZone account information was provided to you when you accepted your offer of admission. For help with enrolment please see the New Students Guide, or contact the Enrolment Help Centre or the Student Services Centre.

Step 6: Confirm your course enrolment on uoZone. It is important to keep a record of your enrolment confirmation number(s) for future reference. Print your timetable.

Step 7: Pay your fees. View your statement of account on uoZone.

* Important academic dates and deadlines *

**Our course scheduling respects the course sequences of both the fall and winter terms.

As for the summer term, we offer courses for COOP students who must be enrolled full-time during one or two summer terms. We exceptionally offer courses for students who wish to be enrolled part-time due to dropped or failed courses during the fall and winter terms.**