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Message from the Vice-Dean Research

My name is Shantanu Dutta, and I’m the vice-dean, research at the Telfer School of Management, an interdisciplinary school situated at the University of Ottawa, one of Canada’s top 10 research universities. In 2020-2021, the Telfer School of Management continued to collaborate with academic partners and the community to build a stronger research foundation for a greener, healthier, happier, and wealthier and more prosperous Canada.

Last year, Telfer researchers advanced our four Areas of Strategic Impact, uncovering innovative knowledge to help leaders design sustainability strategies, develop the diverse workforce of the future, transform our health-care system and sustain economic and societal prosperity in Canada and abroad. Telfer also welcomed the Responsible Wealth Creation and Management cluster. Researchers affiliated with this new group will provide insights and innovative financial solutions for businesses, investors and financial institutions who seek to transition towards responsible investing practices.   

In 2020–2021, Telfer researchers received 13 new prestigious government funding grants awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research CouncilNatural Sciences and Engineering Research CouncilCanada Institutes of Health Research and Canada Foundation for Innovation. Telfer researchers also attracted several private research investments, including those financed by Mitacs and Protein Industries Canada, and the Ontario Centre for Innovation. Our research excellence is leading to breakthrough findings, frameworks and insights that are published in top-ranked academic journals.

But our work does not stop at award-winning projects and academic publications. Over the next five years, Telfer will establish interdisciplinary research, learning and practice centres in four strategic areas. For instance, a Major Projects Observatory was launched in 2021, to engage researchers and practitioners in conversations about large projects, their challenges and successes in both Canada and internationally.

Telfer also partnered with the Faculty of Arts to develop the foundation of the Triple I Lab. This new core facility will serve as a hub for partnerships in research and knowledge translation at the University of Ottawa and allow researchers to better understand the interpersonal dynamics of social inclusion in the workplace.

Laying the foundations also includes developing the academic leadership of tomorrow. I’m proud to say that the first student in the PhD program defended his doctoral dissertation at the start of 2021. Vusal Babashov examined how analytics tools can enable health organizations to make better management decisions and offer timely care for patients. I wish all Telfer PhD and MSc students the best of luck in their academic journey ahead.

During my first term as vice-dean research, I am proud of the work accomplished by Telfer professors and students. Through new research infrastructure, they will continue developing the knowledge needed to foster a better Canada.


Shantanu Dutta
Vice-Dean (Research), Full Professor in Finance, and Telfer Fellow in Global Finance
A Stronger Research Foundation to Build a
Better Canada

As a research-intensive institution, the Telfer School of Management is building the foundation for a greener, healthier, happier and wealthier Canada. In collaboration with the community and renowned experts from other institutions, our researchers are identifying innovative ideas around four areas of strategic impact. 

Our work does not stop at award-winning research and prestigious academic publications. Telfer professors are also establishing interdisciplinary research institutes, centres and labs to develop the leadership, education and practices that will be required for Canadians to address the world’s most pressing challenges post-pandemic. 

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Research for a
Greener Canada

Our global economic system is built on connections. Therefore, corporate governance and actions must reflect a long-term commitment to our planet. Telfer researchers are creating knowledge to support organizations in building sustainable social, environmental and economic value. Read More

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Research for a
Healthier Canada

Telfer researchers have been developing advanced analytics and machine learning models that can support health leaders and public policy officials in tackling old and new challenges and providing quality care to all Canadians. Read More

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Research for a
Happier Canada

Many employees and managers are asking how work, the workplace and talent development will look in the future. Telfer research on well-being, mental health, teamwork, diversity, equity and leadership will provide the knowledge required to prepare organizational leaders and the workforce for the challenges ahead. Read More

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Research for a
Wealthier Canada

To continue fostering a more prosperous Canada for everyone, businesses will need the right strategies for a post-pandemic economy. Our researchers are sharing insights to help Canada’s corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, family business owners and investors to lead, sustain growth, and innovate. Read More

Award Winning Research

Telfer researchers are attracting research funding to redefine our management practices, transforming leadership, reshaping our workplace into a more inclusive environment and creating more resilient health-care systems. In 2020–2021, the Telfer research community had a success rate of 67% in the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight competition, one of the highest rates of all Canadian business schools. It also secured financial support through the Canada Foundation for Innovation to develop infrastructure for the Triple I Lab, a new core facility that will accelerate research about the interpersonal dynamics of social inclusion in the workplace. 

Read more about the new, award-winning research projects that will contribute to a better Canada for all. 

External Funding

Pavel Andreev

Pavel Andreev:

Using Digital Technology for Positive Behaviour Change

Read the article

Samia Chreim and Elmira Mirbahaeddin

Samia Chreim and Elmira Mirbahaeddin:

Mental Health during COVID-19: Examining the Role of Peer Support Services

Read the article

Samia Chreim and Elmira Mirbahaeddin

Jennifer Dimoff AND JANE O'REILLY:

Telfer-Arts research team will examine interpersonal dynamics of social inclusion in the workplace and classroom

Read the article

Sara Hajmohammad

Sara Hajmohammad:

Ensuring food security during extreme weather events by building supply chain resilience

Read the article

Agnes Grudniewicz

Agnes Grudniewicz:

Examining Primary Health Care for Patients with Mental Illness 

Read the article

Lavagnon Ika

Lavagnon Ika:

Context defines project performance in Africa

Read the article

Mirou Jaana

Mirou Jaana:

Improving digital technology uptake in senior health care organizations

Read the article

Daina Mazutis

Daina Mazutis :

Cultivating sustainable cities and communities by tackling climate change

Read the article

Evelyn Rita Micelotta

Evelyn Rita Micelotta:

Open access: Removing the barriers to information sharing

Read the article

Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott

Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott:

New Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education and Training Research to Address Bias

Read the article

Jonathan Patrick and Antoine Sauré

Jonathan Patrick and Antoine Sauré:

Improving wildfire emergency evacuation responses by modelling best outcomes

Read the article

Bijan Raahemi

Bijan Raahemi:

Building Smart Factories through Advanced Analytics

Read the article

Sandra Schillo

Sandra Schillo:

New digital platform to strengthen connectivity of supply chains, foster innovation and increase security and economic resilience

Read the article

Hien Tran and Mark Freel

Hien Tran and Mark Freel:

Entrepreneurial career patterns and how they affect individual behaviours and circumstances

Read the article

Research will draw on lessons from Canadian major projects

Stephane Tywoniak:

Research will draw on lessons from Canadian major projects

Read the article

Does the Virtual Office Benefit All Professions?

Yao Yao:

Does the Virtual Office Benefit All Professions?

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Internal Funding & Awards

Lavagnon Ika

Lavagnon Ika:

Telfer Established Researcher Award 2021

Read the article

Antoine Sauré

Antoine Sauré:

Telfer Emerging Researcher Award 2021

Read the article

Ahmed Khalil Ben Ayed

Ahmed Khalil Ben Ayed:

Research to Delve into “Toxic” Service Interactions between Customers and Service Providers 

Read the article

Other Telfer research funding

Qianru Qi
Artificial Intelligence for Labor Market Equality 

Harshit Rajaiya
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities by Firms and Seasoned Equity Offerings 

Yao Yao
A blessing or a curse? Impacts of digital technologies on the legitimacy of the HRM profession 

Mark Freel 
After the exit: The career paths and earnings trajectories of former immigrant entrepreneurs 

Other government funding


Kevin Brand and Andrew Scarffe
Establishing a Standard of Proof for Public Health Threats: Exploration of the Use of Precaution and Weight of Evidence  

Agnes Grudniewicz and Rachel Thelen
Social demographic data collection and use in Ontario’s CHCs in the context of virtual delivery of social programs  

Jonathan Li and Mohammad Amin Masoudi
Deep Risk-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning Framework for Portfolio Management   

Sandra Schillo, Caiyi Zhao, Ye Zhu, Hassan Ebrahimi, and Keerthana Nallamari Devanand
Food Convergent Innovation Canada Start-Up: Developing data and methods to support the digital backbone of the agri-food system in the Covid19 context"  

Sandra Schillo and Mohammadreza Seifollahi
Small and Medium Enterprises in a Covid-19 context: Ecosystem business intelligence for increased resilience   

Mitacs Business Strategy Internship

David Crick and Yassmine Chahid Chentouf
The Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery Plan  

Michael Mulvey and Hanbyoul Agatha Park
DSORC Dementia613 Website and Marketing  


Through strategic hiring, we have been attracting a new generation of academic leaders. Our new professors are committed to building the foundation for a better Canada through research, teaching and practice. In 2020–2021, we welcomed three new professors to our vibrant research community. 

Harshit Rajaiya


What determines the success of startups?

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Qianru Qi

A financing framework for better, faster, and affordable business decisions

Read the article

Yao Yao

Yao Yao

Looking at digital innovation in the workplace

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Research Chairs,
and Fellowships

Research chairs, professorships and fellowships are an essential support that allows professors to advance a discipline or an area of strategic impact. They are allocated on the basis of research programs and the contributions that professors make to research, teaching and practice. Over the last number of years, Telfer professors have received several research chairs, fellowships, and professorships to chart the path of excellence in their fields.

Discover our research chairs, professorships and fellowships

Success in Numbers

$3 M
in research funding
citations of publications
international publications citing Telfer research
international co-authors
impressions @TelferResearch
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Graduate Student

Telfer graduate students are a vital part of our research success story. They have had remarkable success in securing research scholarships and awards. 

We prepare graduate students to become the next generation of thought leaders. They will build the knowledge-based society that a better Canada needs in order to thrive.



In 2020–2021, our research community continued to share insights into entrepreneurship, management, governance, health-care transformation and the workplace environment. But more than just discussing pressing topics on newspaper articles, opinion editorials or radio shows, Telfer professors engaged business leaders, government and the community in exciting discussions at our public events. They also welcomed top-notch research partners at various events to advance student understanding and training and to strengthen our collaborations in the academic community.

Public Events

Crisis and Governance: The Role of the Board during Times of Disruption
Telfer Forums
Crisis and Governance: The Role of the Board during Times of Disruption Learn More
Telfer Forums
Learning Health Systems: Facilitating Health Care Innovation and Integration Learn More
yes no maybe
Other Events
Conflict Management in Business Families: New Insights and Relevant Takeaways for your Family Learn More
people looking at computer
Other Events
Gender Entrepreneurship Education and Training Plus: Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Support Underserved Entrepreneurs Learn More
enhancing mental capital
Other Events
Enhancing Mental Capital and Wellbeing at Work Learn More
Reimagining Cancer Care: Lessons Learned from the Penn Centre For Cancer Care Innovation Learn More
How good is the Canadian health system? Will Private Pay or Private/Public Partnerships Make it Better? Learn More

Academic Events

CPA-Accounting and Governance Research Centre Seminars

The CPA-Accounting and Governance Research Centre organized six seminars with prominent speakers from all over the globe, including the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden), University of Birmingham (England) and Alliance Manchester Business School (England).

Health Systems and Management Research Seminars

The Telfer School of Management welcomed 15 established scholars based at prominent organizations, universities, and research centres located in Canada and abroad, including the Ottawa Hospital, Western University, the University of Toronto, the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction, the University of Birmingham (U.K.), and Washington State University (U.S.).

New Faculty Seminars

The academic community, professionals and organizational leaders heard how Telfer professors Ali Akyol, Harshit Rajaiya, Qianru Qi, and Yao Yao are advancing research and practice in the areas of governance, entrepreneurship, finance, and organizational behaviour and human resources (OBHR).

Areas of Strategic Impact Events

In partnership with the Research Office, the Areas of Strategic Impact launched new series of events for their members, as well as the larger University of Ottawa community. The Globalization, Governance and Sustainability group welcomed leading scholars and practitioners to two discussions about topics related to sustainability, including “The Principles for Responsible Management Education: Inspiration from External Experts.” The Thriving Organizations and Societies group hosted two events where students, faculty members, and practitioners joined distinguished speakers in conversations about how to build thriving organizations and societies, including the “Enhancing Mental Capital and Wellbeing at Work.”


In 2020–2021 professors and graduate students at the Telfer School of Management contributed to the advancement of research and public debate on several research topics.

Crisis and Governance: The Role of the Board during Times of Disruption
The Conversation Canada
The Future of the Family Business: 4 Strategies for a Successful Transition   Learn More
The Conversation Canada
Does Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Depend Primarily on its Location?   Learn More
The Conversation Canada
Canada Has Everything It Needs to Innovate but Fails to Invest Enough in R&D  Learn More
The Conversation Canada
Mass Vaccination: The Battle Will Not Be Easily Won  Learn More
The Conversation Canada
The Painful Collision Between Work Life and Pregnancy Loss  Learn More
The Conversation Canada
Pregnancy Loss: Workplaces Must Recognize Its Physical and Emotional Toll Learn More
Harvard Business Review
When Trusting Your Family Hurts Your Family Business Learn More
Policy Options
When will Canadian health care fully ride the digital connectivity wave? Learn More


Over the next five years, the Telfer School of Management will advance our research impact on society by building interdisciplinary research, learning, and practice centres in four strategic areas. These centres will not only accelerate cutting-edge research on a variety of topics, but also facilitate knowledge transformation and application that will support organizations in building a better Canada for all.

Get involved in our vision to get greener, healthier, happier and wealthier.

Meet the
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Vice-Dean, Research

Marie-Claude Allard

Areas of Strategic Impact (ASI) Coordinator


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Research Coordinator and Administrator

Nelson Picard

Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives

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