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Program and Structure

The Intensive and Professional English MBA programs offer courses in English, and the French Professional MBA program offers courses in French. continue reading ›

Yes, you can complete the MBA full-time. While both our Intensive and Professional MBA options are considered full-time MBA programs, their delivery format varies. continue reading ›

Yes, one of the mandatory experiential learning components in the Management Consulting concentration is the Management Consulting Project. continue reading ›

Yes, you can earn your MBA and a law degree at the same time. continue reading ›

Our Professional MBA is designed specifically so you can continue to work while studying. We do not recommend the Intensive MBA for professionals who want to work due to the condensed and fast-paced nature of the program. continue reading ›

No, you do not need to write an MBA thesis or have a thesis supervisor during your studies as this is not a part of the program. continue reading ›

No, while the professional MBA format allows for you to have a full-time job, it is not a requirement. continue reading ›

You are not required to take any MBA electives that are out-of-faculty as part of your MBA program. continue reading ›

Yes, you can complete a paid MBA internship as part of your degree. Your internship counts for six elective units. continue reading ›

Yes, we currently hold MBA accreditations from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. continue reading ›

At the start of your program, MBA teams are created by the Program Director and the Graduate Office who consider a mix of diversity in professional experience and demographics. continue reading ›

Your classes will range from 30 to 40 MBA students in both the Intensive and Professional English MBA programs. Your classes will range from 15 to 20 MBA students in the French MBA program. continue reading ›

At the time of admission, students may transfer units to be granted exemptions or advanced standing for graduate courses in management previously completed as a regular student in a Canadian MBA program or similar program accredited by the American Association of Colleges and Schools of Business (AACSB), or equivalent. continue reading ›

No, we do not offer MBA programs online, however, we offer a hybrid professional MBA in French. continue reading ›

No, the Professional MBA at Telfer is not a part-time MBA. It is considered a full-time program. continue reading ›

The professional MBA program retention rate is 93%. The graduation rate for the professional program is 88%. The intensive MBA program retention rate is 94%. The graduation rate for the intensive program is 92%. continue reading ›

The Intensive MBA classes run on weekdays, and the program’s condensed format will allow you to complete your degree in one year. continue reading ›

Our Telfer MBA is a course-based program addressed to professionals who want to take the next steps in their management or leadership roles. The program is presented in an intensive or professional format. continue reading ›

Both the Telfer MBA and MHA programs include core management units, which represent approximately 30% of the courses you will take. continue reading ›

Our MBA student profiles are made up of talented and dynamic individuals with incredibly diverse professional and academic backgrounds from around the world. continue reading ›

You can choose from a variety of MBA program options to suit your career objectives and schedule: continue reading ›

MBA specializations are known as concentrations at Telfer. Our English Professional and Intensive MBA programs give you the opportunity to specialize in a field of business and develop your expertise in a specific area. These concentrations include Digital Transformation & Analytics, Finance, Management Consulting, and Sustainable Management. continue reading ›

While each professor has their own teaching methods, all classes you experience are centered around our learning goals: continue reading ›

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